Monday, April 09, 2018

Mysterious Star of David Zion 12 Letters

Here's Matt's letter to me.
Anyone who knows the answer is invited to send me an Email to zeevveez at gmail dot com


My name is Matt -- I find symbols and variations really interesting, particularly when I can't figure them out (and my sources can't either).

I came across this depiction of a Star of David recently. I haven't been taught Hebrew but I can tell that "Zion" is in the center. However, I cannot figure out or find other examples with the 12 other letters around the outside. I thought the 12 tribes would have been an obvious explanation, but I can only make some of them fit, 9 or so, by the first letters of their names. There's definitely no "Asher" in there as far as I can tell (but again, novice here!)

In my searches for an explanation I came across your blog and figured you may be just the person to ask. Do you perhaps know the significance of this depiction? It is a commercially-produced object, as far as I can tell. Some of my Jewish friends are stumped...

Thanks so much,