Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ethiopian Orders

Ethiopian Order of Solomon's Seal is a cross inside a Solomon’s seal. It is suspended from a green ribbon. It was established by Emperor John IV in 1874.
“The Most Exalted order of The Queen of Sheba”, 1922, Awarded by Empress Zawditu to ladies, is also a cross inside a Solomon’s seal.

Strongest Versus Weakest

ATR commented
The star is reaching out in all directions and anchored by a central point, I would surmise to be the Torah. Each of the six lines of the star is attached to another, and stands upon a foundation. The whole star system is very powerfully supported in its design.
You might contrast this with a swastika, which also has six lines, and without support or anchor. The Mogen Dovid is the strongest and most supportive thing you can do with six lines. The swastika is the weakest.

Karachi, Pakistan

Picture of six pointed star on Merewether City Tower, Karachi, is courtesy of by Ali Adnan Qazalbash who published it on Flickr. The design is in the English Medieval style.