Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Symbol of God Murukan

N.S. Valluvan of Chennai, India wrote an article under the long title
The Hexagram, Symbol of God Murukan, with Tantric, Mantric, Astronomical and Religious potent in Art, Myth, Ritual and Architecture, and its parallel in the Indus Sign denoting Space and Time

Following is an excerpt:
The symbolization of the six-pointed hexagram is a zodiacal representation with the astronomical intent (K.V.Ramakrishna Rao, 2002). The concept of the hexagon is … related to the theory of squaring a circle and circling the square …The number six expresses the fullness of the cosmos. The six directions; North, South, East, West, up, and down are considered to be surrounded by the God’s six faces…The astronomical interpretation of this deity has a powerful association with Indian Tantras, Yantras, Mantras and the five elements (Ether, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) and God Murukan permeates the sixth, the whole thus the six faces of the deity are represented.
... The hexagram symbolizes the six pilgrimage centers of Murukan… 
The connection between the hexagram and the zodiac appeared also in western civilization and I think it is worth exploring.

An example for future investigation in this direction:
Saturn → Saturday [Saturn- Day], Sun → Sunday, Moon → Monday, [in French moon is lune and thus monday is Lundi] Mars → Tuesday,Mercury → Wednesday, Jupiter → Thursday, Venus → Friday

Prophetic Writing

Jews are convinced that since the destruction of their Second Temple there are no more prophets, but in the last generation there are many Christian Prophets, and there are even Schools of the Prophets where one can learn how to become one.
Linda Newkirk is a controversial Prophet, and here is an excerpt from one of her visions. It deals with the Star of David:

"Little One," Moses says, "Do you remember how I came to you first in 1991. You begged for a teacher and came daily praying at 4:00 AM, rain or shine...
"Why are you here, Moses?"
"To bring you this."
"It is a Star of David, attached to a ribbon."
"Little One, this is no ordinary Star of David, and this ribbon is no ordinary ribbon."
"I look at this, which you have placed around my neck; and I feel a Star of David. It glows with a white fire and sticks to my chest. When I touch The Star, it sticks to my fingers like a cube of frozen ice. Indeed, it is cold to the touch. The ribbon of green, red and white has melted into my shoulders and neck and has disappeared. This Star of David sticks to me and will not come off my chest. It is strange that it feels cold yet radiates such light; but as my fingers rest on it, it gets warmer and warmer, until it is hot to my hands. Steam begins to rise. What is going on? I fear that I shall be burned."