Friday, May 08, 2009

Fleur de Lis Tattoo

Aaron Aviv sent me his impressive Star of David & Fleur de Lis TATTOO and wrote the following:
I chose the Fleur de Lis for two reasons, first it is Navigators North on many old sea charts, and I wanted something other than an N above the Compass Rose but the second and main reason is that my first born son was born in New Orleans last year. New Orleans has adopted the Fleur de Lis as the symbol of the city and its people. So my navigators north is not only authentic, it also points to the place of my son's birth.

Copyright: Aaron Aviv 2009

The Fleur de Lis (Lilium Candidum, lily) has from above the exact shape of the Star of David. That's why in Jewish tradition it represents the six directions. However, why and how did it start representing the North, which is only one of the six directions? I think that it has to do with the THREE MAGI (also known as: Three Wise Men, Three Kings, or Kings from the east) who were guided to the house of Jesus in Beth-Lehem by a star (the pole-star?)

Star of David Made from Bricks

To build and to be built- I took this shot in July 2008

Building Israel - Photo by Zako-  sent to me today
all the rights are reserved to him