Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Star of David Story- by Shachar Kadmon

At the Bar Mitzvah Party of the class we were asked to make a personal piece on one of the most important figures in the history of Israel, which has an impact on our lives today.
In my head I saw all kinds of people, but suddenly I remembered the military parade in Jerusalem with the Magen David planes made in heaven.
At first the teacher said, No way, we introduce characters, not shapes or symbols. I said my character is the star of David, and after he saw that I insisted, he agreed.
My grandfather made me a wooden star in his carpentry, and tied it to my body in such a way that I could also walk. We painted it together in blue and white. I put on blue pants and white shirt, and a hat covered with small Stars of David which Yaeli helped me paste.
When they wanted to put make up on my face before the party I said Magen David does not wear makeup.
A lot of adults came and asked me what is my character, as if they did not see it, and then said "How wonderful, what an original idea." At first I answered everybody, but at the end I lost my patience, so I said "David," they said, "How wonderful, what an original idea." 

Then we introduced the characters on stage and everyone had to say something about his character. Before me there were several children who spoke about the character they chose, but I could not listen because I was so  excited.
Then came my turn.
Edna, the movement teacher, prepared the dance with me. We marked in advance the six points with stickers. People were waiting for another child that would talk, but I just moved silently, not slow nor fast, and Edna beat on a rhythmic tambourine. I drew with my movements a Star of David, every time from another point, so that eventually I drew out the six Stars of David that hide in each six pointed star.
At the end I stood quietly and said "I'm a Star of David". I went down off the stage, because what else can the Star of David say, and everyone laughed, and clapped their hands, even though I said it seriously.
All at once all the tension left my body, and the Star of David whispered to me it’s the first time he comes out to make people laugh, and I was glad, because I was just a simple star of David, without makeup and without words.

Translated from Hebrew by Zeev Barkan

Picture courtesy of Stephanie Comport (c) 2011

Chaim Rumkowski - Lodz Ghetto

Yellow Badges on the suit of  Chaim Rumkowski
(1877 - 1944)
German Nazi-nominated head of the Jewish authorities in Lodz Ghetto 
Rumkowski and his wife were on the last transport to Auschwitz
Courtesy of 
Stephanie Comfort