Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mandala from Tibet

hexagram from TibetPicture is copied from Wikimedia. It shows a 19th century hexagram from Tibet  

Indian furniture

Picture of Indian furniture Hexagram is courtesy of Rob Hoey from Flickr who wrote to me:
This Star of David is from a piece of Indian furniture my wife brought to the United States. The wood is rosewood and it is handcrafted in India. The decorative Star of David is just one of many designs on this chest of drawers.

Subterranean Temple at Sinca Veche, Romania

Romania Christian HexagramPicture of a Christian Hexagram in the subterranean Temple at Sinca Veche,  is courtesy of Napoleon Savescu who wrote to me that
The Sinca Veche's temple is a pre Christian, a pagan place, only later used by Christians...
Lucian Craciun's note: "Sinca Veche" is in Romania. The name means "Old Sinca".