Thursday, April 21, 2016

Star of David as a Caucasian Albanian Symbol

"In 313 AD the Rutuls as a part of Caucasian Albania officially adopted Christianity. At present the Rutuls are Sunni... Before transition of Rutuls to Islam, they professed Judaism along with Christianity: in some Rutul settlements there still are cave drawings of an hexagram star. People call there settlements Judicial, even though officially they are Rutul...Several Rutul and Tsakhur settlements in Rutul Rayon are called Jewish by older generation. They are: Kala, Mukhrek, Djilikhur (Rutul villages), Gelmets, Muslakh (Tsakhur villages) and several others... Star of David, symbols of the sun and rolling star are common symbols in Dagestan as well as in modern Azerbaijan in the territory of historical Caucasian Albania. They are depicted on the gravestone of Hasan Jalal-Dowla – Albanian king, buried in Gandzasar... In the museum of Rutul village there is a copper dish with Albanian inscription, a Star of David, other symbols and an animal with wings and a dog’s head".

Musaevna, Makhmudova Svetlana. "It is my Cross." Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 6.6 S2 (2015): 236.