Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Candar Flag

Picture is courtesy of Wikipedia Flag of Candaro─člu according to the Catalan Atlas c.1375)
The Candar Flag has a red hexagram in its center.
Candar dynasty, also called Isfendiyar, had been a Turkmen dynasty (c. 1290–1461) that ruled in the Kastamonu-Sinop region of northern Anatolia (now in Turkey).
The dynasty took its name from Semseddin Yaman Candar, who served in the army of the Seljuq sultan Mas'ud II (reigned 1283–98) and was awarded the Eflani region, west of Kastamonu, in return for his services.

Karamanid Flag

Karamanid Flag hexagramPicture is courtesy of Wikipedia(Flag of Karaman according to the Catalan Atlas, c. 1375.
Karamanid Flag is very similar to the Israeli flag also in its color.
is a province of central Turkey. It was the location of the Karamanid emirate, which came to an end in 1486 after 250 years.

Beyond The Star 2

I already published a Picture of an iron gate in East Berlin with the same hole in the door in the shape of a Star of David "patent", and wrote that it is an original use of this shape. Now that there are two such doors I guess in the future I'll find and publish even more...
Picture is courtesy of "" who published it on Flickr.