Thursday, April 27, 2006


Magen David in Uganda

Magen David in Uganda picture is courtesy of Richard Sobol who included it in his  book ABAYUDAYA: THE JEWS OF UGANDA 
I saw a nice photo `of a Star of David on Google images and following the link under it I read an interesting article about the Jewish converts that reside in the village of Nabugoya at the foothills of Mount Wanale in central Uganda. They converted to Judaism less than a century ago after their chief, Semei Kakungule, took his revenge on British missionaries after the British broke their promise to give him a kingdom. Before tyrant Idi Amin came into power these converts numbered 3,000 members and had 30 synagogues, but Idi Amin banned Judaism and now there are left only six synagogues with 600 Jewish members.

Banknote Security Feature

Banknote magen david
I'm so absorbed in this Star of David blog thing that I start seeing this symbol wherever I go. For example, today I paid in a store with a banknote of 20 NIS and saw a Star of David on it. The banknote carried the Portrait of Moshe Sharett, Israeli foreign minister at the time of Israeli Independence Declaration . At the left side of the banknote I noticed an excerpt from a speech with too-small Hebrew fonts, but I succeeded reading the words "This Magen David".
When I returned home I browsed the Israel Bank website and found that on the Second Series of the New Shekel there's a "See-through: A small triangle printed on either side of the note; the two triangles form a precise Star of David".