Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fashion Trend

Dea Hadar wrote an article in Haaretz newspaper about the new Israeli fashion trend to wear the Star of David in any imaginable way.

The six-pointed symbol is the main attraction at jewelry stands in the street, is a best-seller in prestige shops, appears on jeans, underwear, socks, posters, shoelaces and is being spray-painted on buildings. People are walking around with a Star of David tied around their neck, hanging from an earlobe, dangling from their belly buttons and tattooed on intimate areas of their body.

The Israeli rapper called Subliminal uses many sentences that include the words Star of David in his lyrics; like

I won't give in today, won't ever give in, with a Star of David until my last day.

 He sold a disc of his songs with a Star of David and a chain that soldiers wear as a tag.

Dea Hadar says that 

the source of the Star of David - the symbol, not the fashion - is not clear

I sent her a letter referring her to Uri Ofir's research where he claims that the origin of the Star of David is from the Menorah in the Tabernacle, about a year after the Exodus.