Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tables of the Covenant Lions and Stars of David

Photo is courtesy of Rob Hoey who published it on Flickr and took it on manhattan, New York City. 
I already wrote several times that the Magen David has a tendency to appear in the company of other important Jewish emblems, that compete with it on the birthright, like the Menorah, lions, Herzl etc. Here it is seen along with the Ten Commandments, the Tables of the covenant.
On 11 July 1948 David Ben Guryon suggested that the symbol of the Israeli state would be two lions holding the Tables of the covenant, just like here.

Makuya on You Tube

Watch rudimart1’s 2 minutes video showing a Makuya group arriving to Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, in the middle of the night on 25th February 2007.

The Israeli flag is white with a blue Star of David. The Makuya have the same colors but in the opposite order.