Saturday, January 12, 2008

Academy of Disaster Relief Management

hexagram logo, India

Photo is courtesy of Ben Ripen who wrote to me:

The hat was worn by a woman attending Dasara holiday celebrations at Mahalaxmi temple the main Hindu shrine in Bombay. The design is the logo for an academy of disaster relief management! Apparently the hexagram symbol therefore has something to do with health and well-being!

Copyright: Ben Ripen 2008

Bnei Menasheh Flag

India Jewish logo hexagramIllustration of a Star of David on the flag that the Bnei Menasheh “use” in Mizoram is copied from Wikipedia.

Although Bnei Menasheh members see themselves as part of the Lost Tribes of Israel the flag is quite new. So far I didn’t find any ancient real evidence for the use of the six-pointed star by any of the so called Lost Tribes (but I’ll keep on searching).

Chabad Boxer

Chabad-Boxer-magen-david25 years old American Chabad boxer Dmitriy Salita (alias: Star of David, some call him the kosher knockout) was born in Odessa, Ukraine and lives in Brooklyn, New York. In all his fights he wears a Star of David on his boxing shorts.