Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bahai House of Worship

A cross, a hexagram and a swastika in the Bahai house of worship in Wilmette, Illinois.
Bahá'í architecture goals are to unify people of many different religions.
Picture is courtesy of "swth" from Flickr 

Zisa castle, Palermo

There are three different designs of hexagrams in this Mosaic wall inlay in Zisa castle, Palermo, Sicily : big one with a dot in the center of the hexagon, small one with a hexagon inside, small one with a big circle inside. There are four halves of hexagrams on the fringes

Picture is courtesy of "woodcreeper" who published it on Flickr.

Palermo, Italy

12 hexagrams on each circle. It took some time until I noticed them because they are so dim and hiding behind the golden stars above them that drew all my attention... Palermo, Italy, Palazzo dei Normanni - Capella Palatina
Picture is courtesy of foonus who published it on Flickr