Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mamilla Mamluk Cemetery

A Solomon’s seal on a tombstone in old Mamilla, or Ma’man Allah(Sanctuary of God), a 13th century Mamluk Cemetery, which used to be, until 1948, Jerusalem’s main Muslim cemetery.

Picture is courtesy of sethfrantzman who published it on Flickr and asked:

what is the story behind the Star of David on the left hand side?

I guess the answer is connected to the Mamluks who used the hexagrams also on the walls of Jerusalem.

Bizarre Japanese T-shirt

Picture is courtesy of MFinChina who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:

Here's another example of a Star of David showing up in a strange place: I think the shirt is promoting some music label or band -- I think it's connected with Rastarianism (there was sort of a Rasta color scheme to the front of the shirt), which uses the Star of David in its iconography too. The shirt is one made in China for the Japanese market.