Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zeev Raban, The Twelve Tribes

Stars of David Israeli art Photo of Zeev Raban (1890-1970) illustration to the Song of Songs 1:9-12 is courtesy of Ruth Doron, Zeev Raban’s daughter, who lives in Jerusalem and owns the copyrights of his works. Ofira Oriel sent me this photo with an explanation in Hebrew of each one of the Twelve Tribes’ emblems. There’s the Israeli Flag on the emblem of Gad, with the three tents. There are also rosettes, which look like Stars of David, under the emblems. Ofira told me that her father, Shlomo Kedmi, has been Raban’s pupil and later partner in the Jerusalem art workshop.

My Stickers Arrived

sign of future equality star of David My Stickers arrived five minutes ago from the printing shop and I already shot this photo to tell the world…
The number one, that is supposed to represent oneness, appears twice; while the number two that is supposed to represent separation appears once; but more important is the sign of future equality between the separated parts of the Israeli society which is built-in our flag.

Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev Alpern, Playing with light

Playing with light ART david shield Israeli
Photo is courtesy of Israeli Photographer Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev Alpern, Chicago-born artist living in the Upper Galilee, who specializes in 360-degree panoramic images of Israel… Eliyahu made aliyah to Israel in 1997 and was trained as a tour guide specializing in Israel Experience adventures.
Eliyahu told me the photo of this David's Shield was taken at Rujm el-Hiri, the Israeli Stonehenge in Golan Heights area.
Copyright: Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev Alpern 2007
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