Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Zionist Congress Souvenir Sheet

Star of David Souvenir Sheet There’s a Star of David (and an icon of Herzl and an Israeli flag) on the Souvenir Sheet issued on 03/09/1996.
the First Zionist Congress was held in the Casino building in Basel, which is shown in the center of the sheet. 


Photo of a black Star of David window on azure wall is courtesy of "César Augusto" who published it on Flickr. It was taken in Algarve, south of Portugal, from the façade of a lone house where nobody lives now, where César Augusto used to spend his holidays every year. I like the composition, and the uniqueness of the making of the symbol from stones cut in order to fit its contour.

Jewish Bookplates

Jewish star Bookplates

Photo of Stars of David on the Eichthal Coat of Arms is copied from Jewish Encyclopedia

I feel that Jewish Bookplates are a promising source for Star of David searchers like me. E.g.:
The Bookplate Collection at The Jewish Theological Seminary Library which has about 3000 items.