Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did Jennie Gottschalk Influence The Israeli Postage Service?

Postage Stamp Star of David Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this cancellation, with the Hebrew words of our national hymn Hatikvah (the Hope) arranged in the shape of the Star of David. It appeared yesterday and it is very similar to a stamp by Jennie Gottschalk, which I showed to the Israeli Postal Authorities about half a year ago. Which proves that good ideas never get lost!

Did I Influence The Israeli Postage Service?

a stamp in the shape of the Star of David Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this Hatikvah (the Hope) postage Stamp, which was issued yesterday in Israel. About half a year ago Jennie Gottschalk and me suggested to the Israeli Postal Authorities a stamp in the shape of the Star of David (with the words of our national hymn in micrographic letters in the shape of balloons) for next Independence Day. They refused our suggestion, but they made the idea come true without us, and I'm happy to see my dream materializing.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A source of inspiration

Yellow Badge sculpture It is such a great honor to be a source of inspiration for an artist!
I just got three days ago a present from Dr. Martin Kieselstein, who was so pleased from his participation in the Tel Aviv Star of David Album Exhibit that he made me this work which is showing a Yellow Star rising from the blood of the victims
I took the photo when the work was placed on the couch at his home. Now it is situated on a shelf above my head when I'm working.
Today I got a work from Jennifer Gottschalk (showing a Yellow Rose) whose work “yellow Star” will be presented in a few days for a whole month in the Holocaust Yellow Badge Art Exhibit in Zephath.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Righteous Among the Nations

Yellow Badge Righteous Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this Holocaust Yellow Badge on a postage stamp.
Yvonne Feyerick Nevejean (1900 - 1987) whose portrait appears on the stamp helped hide Jewish children in Nazi-occupied Belgium during World War II.

Menorah Postage Stamp

Stars of David on the tab of the Menorah Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this series of blue Stars of David on the tab of the Menorah Postage Stamp that was issued on 1952.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Palestinian Yellow Stars of David

An image that shows the letters of the word 'Palestinian' in English and in Hebrew on Holocaust Jewish yellow stars of David instead of the word JUDE in the original badge is attached to an article By Shraga Elam from 17 March 2002 about more than 200 people who have demonstrated against the “escalating genocide committed by the Israeli armed forces”.

On the main protest vehicle were 20 large yellow stars of David carried by the demonstrators. On some of the placards was written the slogan "Stop the bloodbath in the Middle East!", while others carried the slogan "Never again Shoa”.

Alan Oirich’s Jewish Hero Corps

Jewishsf dot com tells us about a group of Jewish comic-book characters including Dreidel Maidel, Yarmulkah Youth, Minyan Man, Shabbas Queen, Hypergirl, Magen David and Menorah Man.

Launch of Art Exhibit -1

israeli art opening evening of the Star of David exhibit

Photo of participants in the opening evening of the Star of David Album art exhibit

(in the Journalists' House in Tel Aviv, Israel 17 April 2008) is courtesy of Shimon Hameiri.

Copyright: Shimon Hameiri 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Combination of Star of David and Christian cross

Combination of Star of David and Christian cross Combination of Star of David/Christian cross on the wall of an old cemetery for both confessions, Berlin, Friedhof Wannsee, Lindenstraße, founded in 1886
Picture was copied from Wikimedia Commons


Christopher D. Horn referred me to six pointed stars each made from six yellow triangles, which appear on a photo that accompanies an article titled: As Nanotechnology Goes Mainstream, 'Toxic Socks' Raise Concerns; Unknown Risks From Nanosilver Cited

Caption under the photo:

A biosensor made from an array of silver nanoparticles deposited on glass. (Credit: Courtesy of the National Science Foundation).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Launch of Star of David Album Art Exhibit

israeli art Star of David Album Art Exhibit in the Journalists' House

Copyright: Shimon Hameiri 2008
Launch of Star of David Album Art Exhibit in the Journalists' House in Tel Aviv, Israel 17 April 2008

Ofira Oriel, First Crystal

israeli art Star of David Crystal Photo of first Star of David Crystal painting is courtesy of my friend painter Ofira Oriel
Copyright: © Ofira Oriel 2008

Ofira Oriel, New Crystal

israeli art Star of David Crystal Photo of new Star of David Crystal is courtesy of my friend painter Ofira Oriel
Ofira started this new trend only recently and I wish her good luck!
Copyright: ©Ofira Oriel 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opening Speech

Star of David Album Art Exhibit israeli art

Photo is courtesy of Shimon Hameiri

Copyright: Shimon Hameiri 2008
Professor Zmira Mevarech delivers the opening speech at the Star of David Album Art Exhibit in the Journalists' House in Tel Aviv, Israel 17 April 2008

Seychelles Island –1

hexagram from Seychelles Island Photo of a hexagram from Seychelles Island is courtesy of Miri Ofir.
Copyright: © Miri Ofir 2008

Seychelles Island –2

hexagram from Seychelles Island

Photo of a hexagram from Seychelles Island is courtesy of Miri Ofir.

Readers who know if there’s a special meaning of hexagrams in Seychelles Island are invited to comment.

Copyright: © Miri Ofir 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Questions about the Star of David in the holocaust

From: wiki.answers dot com
Star of david importance?
What is the star of david?
The holocaust and the star of david?
How did hitler use the star of david?
What is the significant of the star of david?
What does each point in the star of david mean?

Tehran’s Holocaust Conference

Tehran’s Holocaust Conference was held on December 2006 and the Star of David appeared on many of the Anti-Israeli cartoons that were exhibited in it. The drawings showed for instance: A vampire wearing a Star of David drinking the blood of Palestinians;
Two army helmets with swastikas and one with the Star of David;

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanukkah Candlestick and Portrait

Hanukkah Candlestick jewish star israeli art

Photo of Star of David on a Hanukkah Candlestick behind a portrait of an old man is courtesy of Israeli painter Meir Salomon, who spent 35 years in Holland. Salomon includes often Judaica in his paintings, and I already published a few of his Stars of David, which always appear in a surprising context.

Copyright: Meir Salomon 2008

Priestly Blessing

Priestly Blessing Jewish star israeli art

On the left we see a Star of David made from curved carving-like lines.
The Hebrew words are from the Priestly Blessing, a Jewish prayer based on the verse from Numbers 6:23-27: "They shall place My name upon the children of Israel, and I Myself shall bless them."
Photo is courtesy of Israeli painter Meir Salomon, who frequently introduces six-pointed Jewish emblems into his works of art.
Copyright: Meir Salomon 2008


israeli art scales   in the shape of David Stars

Photo of a a painting with scales (bottom left) in the shape of David Stars is courtesy of Israeli painter Meir Salomon. This is the only instance of this image that I know of, and this fact reveals this artist’s creativity.

Copyright: Meir Salomon 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ponary Massacre

Ponary Massacre Star of David

Star of David on the monument for the 100,000 Ponary massacre victims executed between July 1941 and August 1944.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kristallnacht Postage Stamp from East Germany

Postage Stamp, Yellow Badge East Germany

Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this drawing of a Yellow Badge with flames of the Kristallnacht, which appear on a November 9, 1963 stamp from East Germany.

Leo Haas

From: http://www.ushmm.org/research/collections/art/

See the yellow star on the cloths of the blind on the Watercolor by Leo Haas entitled, "The Blind of Theresienstadt."

Leo Haas (1901-1983), Czech Jewish artist who, while imprisoned in the concentration camps of Nisko and Theresienstadt during World War II, painted portraits and produced a large volume of drawings documenting the daily life of the prisoners.

See on the same page:

Star of David beaded necklace made by a female Jewish prisoner at a munitions factory camp in Germany.

Self Portrait with A Yellow Badge

israeli ART, Yellow Badge flag Photo of a painting depicting a yellow badge replacing the Star of David on the Israeli flag  is courtesy of Hayim Maor.
Copyright: Hayim Maor 2008
Created: 1987-1988
Oil and shellac on wood

The Mark of Cain

kain-maor-Jewish star Yellow Badge Photo is courtesy of Hayim Maor.
The work (created in 1978) takes part in an exhibit in "Al Hatefer" Museum, 4 Heil Hahandasa St, Jerusalem, Israel.
We see in it the Hebrew letter Kof made in the shape of a yellow triangle, which reminds us of the insignia that Jewish prisoners in Nazi Death Camps had to wear on their cloths. It is painted on a cloth which is covering the eyes and the forehead of a bearded man.

In Genesis 4:15 we read that the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him, but the Nazis set a mark upon the Jews for the opposite reason: so that anyone finding them should kill them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Jennifer Roy's book: Yellow Star

On the cover of Jennifer Roy's book titled Yellow Star we see a girl with a yellow badge.

Meir Salomon "mene mene"

israeli art jewish star

34 /40 cm
mixed media (oil on canvas)
Living and creating in the Netherlands for the past 35 years Netherlands has a profound influence on Meir Salomon’s work. His occupation with flowers, flowering and the reoccurring window motif as well as Jewish motifs appear over and over again in his works.
His entire work brings together both ends, east and west, modernism and tradition, abstract and figurative, color and line.

From next Thursday "mene mene" will take part in the Star of David Album exhibit in the Journalists' House in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Copyright: © Meir Salomon 2008
The title is from Daniel 5:25

Now this is the inscription that was written out: 'MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.'

Little Red Riding Hood 1985 Helvetia Stamp

Little Red Riding Hood Hexagram

Six-pointed star appears on Little Red Riding Hood grandmother’s bed on a Swiss 1985 postage stamp. Why?

Photo is courtesy of Dobush from Kfar Aza.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Russian Holocaust stamp

Postage Stamp Yellow Badge

Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this drawing of aYellow Star of David and flames which appear on a stamp from Russia issued on May 5 2000 in memory of Holocaust victims.

My Canary Yellow Star

We see a girl with a yellow badge on the book cover of My Canary Yellow Star by Eva Wiseman

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bernard Revel Postage Stamp

American Postage Stamp jewish star

Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this 1986 American Postage Stamp issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Yeshiva University. It has a tiny star of David hidden in the beard of Rabbi Bernard Revel.

Holocaust Memorial, Rhodes

Black coffin on a Jewish star
Photo of Star of David on the holocaust memorial at the Square of the Martyred Jews in the Old City of Rhodes is courtesy of "templar1307" from Flickr. The design (Black coffin on a Jewish star) seems unique.

The Cat With The Yellow Star

We see a girl with a yellow badge on the book cover of The Cat With The Yellow Star: Coming of Age in Terezin by Susan Goldman Rubin and Ela Weissberger

Yellow Badge Bibliography

1. Merback, Mitchell B.

Beyond the yellow badge :anti-Judaism and antisemitism in medieval and early modern visual cultur, 2008

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10. Rubin, Susan Goldman

The cat with the yellow star :coming of age in Terezin, 2006

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With a yellow star and a red cross :a doctor in the Lodz ghetto, 2005

15. Schoenberner, Gerhard

The yellow star :the persecution of the Jews in Europe, 1933-1945

16. Unsdorfer, S. B.

The yellow star, 1961

17. Eva Wiseman, My Canary Yellow Star

18. Jennifer Roy, Yellow Star

Friday, April 11, 2008

Israel philately stamp from Nederland

star of David on a stamp from Nederland Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this star of David on a stamp from Nederland issued in 1978 to mark 25 years of Israel philately.

Remedios Varo



This is the hermit. He is now beyond normal time and space; his body is made up of two triangles, one upright and one inverted, which form a six-pointed star, symbol of time and space in ancient esoteric teachings. Inside his open chest there is a yin-yang symbol representing inner harmony. This is the most beautiful symbol of all (at least I think so), for it is enclosed in a circle, and has come to signify equilibrium.

Remedios Varo (1908 - 1963) was a Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter. 

High above the Arab leadership

My son in law, Jason, sent me a photo of a strange coincidence:

Representatives of the Arab states met in Damascus for the annual Arab Summit, which began on March 29th 2008, to discuss relations between the states. As they spoke, a giant 6-pointed star stood high above their heads.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Judith Weinshall Liberman: INSIGNIA

wall hangings art Yellow Badge All rights reserved to author-artist Judith Weinshall Liberman
This is one of author-artist Judith Weinshall Liberman’s sixty wall hangings about the Holocaust. It is 61” tall and 56” wide (155 cms by 142 cms), was created in 1994 and is one of Judith Weinshall Liberman’s 45 Holocaust Wall Hangings in the permanent collection of the Temple Tifereth Israel in Cleveland, Ohio. The shapes and colors of insignia designed to be worn by inmates of Nazi concentration camps are here presented in the form of a grid. Across the top, the columns read: Political (red); Hardcore Criminal (green); Emigrant (blue); Jehovah’s Witness (purple); Homosexual (pink); Antisocial (black). On the left margin, starting from the top, the categories are: Basic Colors, Insignia for Repeaters, Inmates of Penal Colonies, Insignia for Jews and Special Insignia. Some of the Special Insignia are illustrated and a sample sleeve bearing insignia appears at lower right. The original document on which this presentation is based is in the camp museum at Dachau. This wall hanging was created mainly by applique, the shapes of the various insignia rendered in appropriately colored fabric. The words were stenciled in black acrylic and the grid was created by painting. The background gray striped fabric evokes an image of the uniforms worn by camp inmates under the Nazis.

Hamburg Postage Stamp

Hamburg Postage Stamp hexagram

Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this Hamburg Postage Stamp with hexagrams from 1959 that marks 100 years since the issuing of the first Hamburg Postage Stamps from January 1, 1859

Seljuk Cemetery

Solomon’s seal Seljuk Cemetery

Photo of a Moslem Solomon Seal from Ahlat in East Turkey is courtesy of Yossy Stepansky. It appears on a Seljuk tombstone from the middle ages.

Copyright: Yossy Stepansky 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sammy Luftspring

boxer,  Star of DavidPhoto of the Canadian Jewish boxer, Sammy Luftspring with the Star of David , is courtesy of StephanieComfort from Flickr 

Czechoslovakian Postage Cancel

Czechoslovakian Postage Cancel with a Star of David

Dobush fron Kfar Aza, Israel, sent me this nice 1997 Czechoslovakian Postage Cancel with a Star of David.

Tanya Preminger, David Shield Sculpture

Tanya Preminger, David Shield Sculpture

Sculptor Tanya Preminger sent me this photo of a work she created in 2004, mitzpe stone, 190 x 200 x 70 cm, situated in Ganei -Tikva , Israel

The Star of David is created from two opposite sides (here we see only one).

Copyrights: Tanya Preminger

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Great Synagogue in Tunis Stamp

Great Synagogue in Tunis Stamp Star of DavidStamps collector Dobush from Kfar Aza, Israel, sent me this elegantly designed Festivals 5731 1970 stamp. The Star of David appears above the entrance to the Great Synagogue in Tunis. Designer: E Weishoff.

Cartoons on Stamps

Synagogue with a Star of David on its front Postage Stamp

Stamps collector Dobush from Kfar Aza, Israel, sent me this Australian stamp which is one of 27 stamps issued in 1988 under the title Living Together - a cartoon View Of Australia". We see a Church a Mosque and a Synagogue with a Star of David on its front.

Trieste, Unique Design

logo, Hexagram, Trieste Photo of six-pointed star surrounding a circle and surrounded by six circles is courtesy of "Valentina" from Flickr who wrote to me:
"I've shot this photo in Trieste, N/E Italy".
As far as I can tell this is a unique design and I like it a lot.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Star of David Surrounded By Verses

I like Israeli artist Enya Keshet style, which reminds me of the ancient Hebrew illustrators, like the one who made the Leningrad codex.

Sverige Stamp

six-pointed star Christian Postage StampDobush from Kfar Aza, Israel, is a stamps collector. His main theme is Children on Stamps. He sent me this christmas 1972 stamp, which is one of three from a national contest of children’s drawings.
Konungariket Sverige means Kingdom of Sweden. The six-pointed star, which appear on the upper right corner is a Christian star.

Creating a Human Magen David

Creating a Human Magen David
Photo is courtesy of “Dvir58” from Tapuz.
It reminds me of the poem:
Each one of us is a Star of David;
And of the verse from Isaiah 8:1
Moreover the LORD said unto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man's pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rare Stamp from Tetouan, Morocco

Solomon’s seal Postage Stamp

Stamps collector Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this Solomon’s seal drawn on a rare stamp issued in 1896 in Tetouan, Morocco. I heard a rumor that King of Morocco at that time indented to marry the daughter of the head of the Jewish community and that’s why the Star of David appears on coins and stamps from that period.

Second Placement on Google Results Page

book in English Star of David

An article about my new book in English (Star of David Album) arrived at the Second Placement on Google Results Page for query words: “Star of David” book. In a day or two it will surely disappear, and I’m not sure that it will make someone purchase the book, but meanwhile it makes me feel fine and that’s certainly enough.

Catholic Star

Catholic Star HexagramPhoto is courtesy of "canonsnapper" from Flickr who wrote to me:

The photo was taken during Easter Week in Seville, Spain. It was during part of the Semana Santa celebrations where large numbers of people march carrying crosses, effigies etc. I don't think it has anything to do with the Magen David, as we know it, although it is just possible that the particular sect wearing this emblem had some roots in Jewish lore. I believe that there is some history of Jews in Southern Spain, though very little to be found now. I took the photo as it seemed such a contradiction - the Magen David worn by a devout Catholic!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jewish Anti-Jewish Cartoons Contest

From: gilad dot co:

Following the cartoon scandal and the outrage of the Muslim world that ensued, a group of Israelis announced their own anti-Jewish cartoons contest (http://www.boomka.org/). [Which was closed on March 2006]

Alfred Breitman’s ‘American Flag’ doesn’t leave us with much doubt. We are dealing here with the ‘Jewnited States of JewMerica’. [Stars of David on the American flag].

Elders Of Zion is indeed something a proper anti-Semite should never skip. This time it is an offer no one can refuse: Join now, Circumcise later. Indeed brilliant work by Mike Eighpe (France). [

An article by Joseph Goebbels

From Das Reich, 16 November 1941
The Jews are Guilty!
Background: All Jews in Germany had recently been required to wear the yellow star in public, and the Holocaust was beginning.


All Jews by virtue of their birth and their race are part of an international conspiracy against National Socialist Germany. They want its defeat and annihilation, and do all in their power to bring it about. That they can do nothing inside the Reich is hardly a sign of their loyalty, but rather of the appropriate measures we took against them.

One of these measures is the institution of the yellow star that each Jew must wear. We wanted to make them visible as Jews, particularly if they made even the least attempt to harm the German community. It is a remarkably humane measure on our part, a hygienic and prophylactic measure to be sure that the Jew cannot infiltrate our ranks unseen to sow discord .

As the Jews first appeared several weeks ago on the streets of Berlin graced with their Jewish star, the initial reaction of the citizens of the Reich capital was surprise. Only a few knew that there were still so many Jews in Berlin…In the first days after the introduction of the Jewish star, newspaper sales in Berlin went through the roof. Each Jew on the street bought a newspaper to conceal his mark of Cain

If someone wears the Jewish star, he is an enemy of the people. Anyone who deals with him is the same as a Jew and must be treated accordingly. He earns the contempt of the entire people, for he is a craven coward who leaves them in the lurch to stand by the enemy.

Courtesy of professor Randall Bytwerk

Concealing the Jews

Magen David on the chest caricatureConcealing the Jews [represented by the Magen David on the chest] caricature
From the Anti-Semitic Nazi book: The Pestilential Miasma of the World by Robert Ley, 1944
Photo is courtesy of professor Randall Bytwerk

Spider Jew 1

Magen David caricature Spider Jew
"Anti-Zionist" [Zionism represented by Magen David] caricature from newspaper Soviet Moldavia (August 27, 1971). The image of spider (traditionally used by anti-Semites) is Zionism, the web is woven from: deception, lies, provocations, Anti-Sovietism, Jewish question, anti-Communism.

Spider Jew

Star of David Spider Jew Anti-semitismStar of David Spider Jew illustration is copied from the Anti-Semitic Nazi book The Pestilential Miasma of the World by Robert Ley, 1944

Friday, April 04, 2008

Contents of my English book about the Star of David

Contents of my English book about the Star of David


Current Meaning of the Magen David 6

The legend about the origin of the emblem 7

The Jewish emblem versus the international emblem 8

Whose emblem is it ? 9

Non-Jewish usage of the six-pointed star 10

Chapter 1 - Before Christian Era

Sumerian Culture 11

Minoan Culture 12

Megiddo 12

Treasure of Nimrud, Iraq 13

Gibeon: Greco-Roman Period 13

Chapter 2 - The first Millenium CE

The Star of Jerusalem; Roman Era 14

Bacchus temple at Baalbek, Lebanon 15

Capernaum; Ein Yael 16

Sufa; Khirbet Carmel; Eastern Orthodox 17

Roglit; Vermand 18

Synagogue of Shura; Mildenhall Treasure 19

Village of El-Makr; Jericho, Israel 20

The Dome of the Rock 21

Damascus; Dome of the Chain 22

Offa King of Mercia 23

Chapter 3 - The second Millenium CE

The Leningrad Codex 24

Cairo Genizah; Cambridge University 25

Raziel’s Book; Armenian Church 26

Rachel’s Grave in Tiberias; Lalibela 27

Ayyubid Coins; Crusaders’ Coins 28

Mamilla-Mamluk Cemetery 29

Prague 30

Sabbioneta 31

David Ganz 32

Aristotle 33

Bury St Edmunds 34

Catholic University of Leuven 35

The Spanish Inquisition periods 36

Before the Expulsion; Kennicott Bible 37

Qait Bey Citadel; Bakhchysaray, Crimea 38

Tarot 39

Moghul Architecture 40

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent 41

Barbarossa's flag 42

Free Masons 43

Mogador; Jewish Wedding Stones 44

Prince Albert memorial 45

Santa Croce Church in Florence 46

Chapter 4 - The Contemporary Period

Theodor Herzl's newspaper, Die-Welt 47

Zionist Flag In Tel Aviv; Zion Mule Corps 48

Flowers from Jerusalem; Lamel School 49

Messiah’s house 50

Bob Marley Graffiti 51

Yellow Badges 52

Jewish Brigade 53

Mormons 54

Anti- Israeli Propaganda 55

In every generation men rise up to destroy us 56

Copyrights and Footnotes 57-64

Islamic Judenstern



Iranian-born (1963) artist and architect Shahram Entekhabi wears on his white shirt a green Islamic star that reminds us to the "Judenstern" yellow badge - raising the question whether fundumentalist Muslims are a potential danger to public safety or the victims of prejudice.

Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols

Yair Davidiy from Brit-am referred me to an important photo of a Parthian altar with Israelite Symbols” from 300 BC - 300 AD.
I'm going to show this Parthian altar to my mentor, Dr. Ze'ev Goldmann (who
celebrated this week his 103 birthday); he is an expert on the archaeology
of the Star of David, and I'm sure it will make his day.

Serge Gainsbourg

Wikipedia article author (entry: Serge Gainsbourg) connects the humiliation of wearing the Yellow Badge with “its” artistic expression.  In 1975, French musician Gainsbourg  released the album Rock Around the Bunker,  on the subject of the Nazis. 

The Poisonous Mushroom Book Cover

Poisonous Mushroom star of david Anti-semitism

Photo is courtesy of professor Randall Bytwerk who uploaded to the WWW many Nazi Propaganda original materials, and I salute him for this blessed enterprise..

Star of David appears on one of the worst anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda books titled: The Poisonous Mushroom issued by Julius Streicher's publishing house.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Polish Underground Activist’s Jewish badge

The activities of the Polish Underground were widespread and effective, and the Germans retaliated with raids on the civilian population, deporting many thousands of Poles to slave-labor camps and staging public executions. Poles of the Resistance trying to escape the Nazi wrath discovered an odd ally: the Jewish badge.
From:Their Brothers' Keepers by Philip Friedmanp, ISBN-10: 089604002Xp. 37

Yellow Badge Origin

The revival of medieval forms of anti-Jewish legislation in the Nazi era brought to the fore the problem of special marks for Jews. The first suggestion that such marks be instituted probably came from Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the German Security Police, at the historic meeting in

Hermann Göring's headquarters on November 12, 1938 No action on this specific subject was decided upon at this meeting.


Roads to Extinction: Essays on the Holocaust, Philip Friedman, Jewish Publication Society of America, New York, 1980, p. 11

Herbert Lehman Medal

Star of David and the word tzeddek

The above USA Presidential Medal of Freedom was issued in 1974.

Recipient Herbert H. Lehman (1878-1963) Jewish Governor of New York from 1933 until 1942

Designed by Jacques Schnier.

Caption (To do Justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God) around a Star of David and the word tzeddek (justice) in Hebrew.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Zoya Cherkassky’s Gold brooch

ART, Yellow Badge Zoya

Photo is courtesy of Zoya Cherkassky

Copyright © Zoya Cherkassky 2008

Title: JUDE

Year: 2001-2002

Measures: 5 x 5 cm (1.9" x 1.9")

Personal Supervision

israeli art Personal Supervision Star-of-David

Usually the Star of David is a Symbol for the Lords’ protection, but in Ofira Oriel‘s fresh new painting the inner space of the Star of David turns into an eye, which symbolizes HIS personal supervision. These days I’m absorbed in writing the Yellow Badge Album book (only in Hebrew) and I live under the impression that during the Holocaust the Star-of-David-shaped Yellow Badge was attached personally to every Jew, but in these horrible times, the Lord’s supervision ended in the end of the Yellow Badge bearer, and end is exactly the opposite of what we expect when we say “personal supervision”. Eventually the Holocaust led to the founding of the Jewish homeland and in the long run helped save the Jewish Nation.

Copyrights: © Ofira Oriel 2008


One may view the Star of David shape as seven eyes (one in the center and six arround) according to Zechariah 4:10 : “These seven are the eyes of the LORD, which range throughout the earth".

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hundred of My English Books Arrived Home

MY Star of David BOOKS
Three months after my publishing my Hebrew "Magen David Black and White" book I’m proud to announce the publishing of my Star of David Album in English. This will enable our brothers in the Diaspora who don’t read Hebrew to share with me the experience of intensively living in the last two years with our national emblem.

My English Book Got Home

Sorry for speaking only in Hebrew, but you’ll understand anyway. Thanks to all those of you who generously helped me get to this wonderful moment! It is yours not less than mine.

Getting Out of The Printing Press

This video clip is about my English book getting out of the printing press.Sorry for speaking only in Hebrew, but you’ll understand anyway. What an excitement!