Friday, April 04, 2008

Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols

Yair Davidiy from Brit-am referred me to an important photo of a Parthian altar with Israelite Symbols” from 300 BC - 300 AD.
I'm going to show this Parthian altar to my mentor, Dr. Ze'ev Goldmann (who
celebrated this week his 103 birthday); he is an expert on the archaeology
of the Star of David, and I'm sure it will make his day.


Prof Carl Edwin Lindgren said...


Were you able to show the picture of the altar to Dr. Ze'ev Goldmann? If so what was his remarks?

Prof. Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren

zeevveez said...

Dear Prof. Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren,

I showed the Parthian Star to Dr,. Goldmann and he said that it seems that the Parthians were a link between the Minoans and passed it on to the Christian-Jews (see:
He was very surprised and said that he considers writing another chapter about the meaning of this artifact.
I'm eager to read what YOU think about the Parthian Star and about the six-pointed star.
I'll show him yor letter...

Thanks for commenting

Cam said...

I'm asuming the ancient Minoans DR. Goldmann is refering to? If not, I'm sure you already know that the star can be found on Assyrian iscriptions with KIng Jehu who is bearing the symbol above his head when present before the Assyrian king.