Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Empty Cola Bottle Holder

Empty Cola Bottle Holder HexagramPhoto is courtesy of sisushka who published it on Flickr during a KarMUN party in Budapest. Looks like an interesting creative idea. In fact you can make similar holders for every six containers, like conserve cans etc.

Reli Waser, Mirror with Chai

Mosaic mirror israeli art jewish starMosaic mirror in the shape of the Israeli flag which combines glass and ceramics which compliment each other and create harmony between the significant elements: Magen David, fish, chamsa, blue eye, Chai, vine and everything is in the classic Israeli colors of blue and white. Sizes: 75 cm long and 55 cm wide.

All rights reserved to Reli Waser

Reli Waser, Candel Tray

Candel Tray art jewish star IsraeliTzfat artist Reli Waser made this unique mosaic work in the shape of a Candel Tray. It combines glass, stone, metal and wood. It is intended for lighting candled for Shabbat or for decorating the table. There’s room for two long candles and for six smaller ones. It doesn’t hide the guests from each other. Fits especially the Shabbat table. Sizes: 50 cm long and 23 cm wide.

Contact: Reli Waser 

All rights reserved to RELI WASSER