Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Fate in this Region

This is one of 15 suggestions to change Israel’s emblem that were designed in 2001 by first and second year students in Wizo Design Academy in Haifa guided by Hayim Shtayer and Terry Schreuer; courtesy of Hayim Shtayer.
Designer: Oren Boranov
Copyright: Oren Boranov 2007
I haven't decided yet if I see a tear or a drop of oil- may be both, because it seems that our fate in this region is determined by Arab oil fields.

Dick Ben Dor Cookie - 1

ookie-hexagram food
Israeli painter Dick Ben Dor just came back from food exhibition ANUGA in Koln, Germany, with this photo of Star of David shaped cookies that have no connection what so ever to Jedaism.

Dvorit Ben Shaul, King David Rod

King David Rod star Israeli artA Star of David above King David's rod on a colored bottle made by my friend Jerusalem painter Dvorit Ben Shaul. It took us hours to discover the quality of the packaging material as a unique background.