Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ramat Gan Stamp

Postage Stamp jewish starThe emblem of the city shows a green shield with a Star of David in its center. Also appearing on the stamp: a palm tree,  a sun that rises on the nation of Israel; a wall that symbolizes the leverage of building; over the wall, trees that mark Ramat Gan as a city of gardens. Basket with vegetables and a plough that symbolize the agricultural aspect of the city. Chimney that alludes to the industrial aspect of the city. Around the Magen David we see seven stars as seven hours of work proposed by Hertzel.
issued July 9,1969
Ramat Gan is the eastern neighbour of Tel-Aviv; established in 1921.
Designers: brothers Gabriel and Max Shamir

The Wise Son

Haggadah jewish star Israeli art Photo is courtesy of designer Asher Kalderon who introduced a golden Star of David behind the head of the Wise Son on a detail from The Four Sons in the The New Passover Haggadah The size of the whole page is 33 x 32 cm.
Copyright: Asher Kalderon 2007
AKalderon Arts
8 Kehilat Budapest St.
Tel Aviv 69701, ISRAEL
972 3 647 8281

Black On Blue

Photo is courtesy of "yossi05' who published it on Flickr under the title Magen Dovid and wrote there that it's the skylight in the main sanctuary and the shul of BAL Harbour, Florida, and that he darkened the shadows a bit in post-processing.