Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hex-alpha hexagram
The shape of the Star of David has many synonyms and is open to numerous interpretations; part of them even received an official name. The above one consists of six reiterations on the first letter of the Latin alphabet - A.
That's why this symbol's synonym is hex-alpha.
I designed it in Photoshop so that the A- units will stand out but usually the same shape that is called Star of David is also called hex-alpha.
In a similar way the shape of the five-pointed star is called pent alpha.
We can also visualize the triangles that surround the hexagon in the shape of the Star of David to thorns. This opens the way to an interesting interpretation of the verse from Song of Songs 2:2:
As a lily among thorns
So is my love among the daughters
-"my love" is the soul, the internal part of the human being, and it dwells, according to this verse, among six thorns… like the hexagon between its six triangles.