Saturday, November 24, 2007


pillow-Hexagram-ChristianPhoto is courtesy of gimpykatk who published it on Flickr where you can follow the instructions and knit one for yourselves...
gimpykatk wrote to me:

I have just started out designing pictures to be knitted on dishcloths, and it was requested that I make a Star of David. I struggled with this for a couple weeks, trying and failing. Then as I was praying one night I clearly saw the pattern and was immediately able to graph it out. I believe it was God who gave me the ability to see this. I am a Christian, but by saying that, I believe I am a Jew by adoption. I believe Jesus was a Jew and I as a Gentile receiving Him became a Jew by adoption.

Merkabah At Night

Merkabah At Night
Photo of Merkabah At Night is courtesy of The Passing Strange who published it on Flickr and who wrote to me the following:
I am living in Israel right now, and went to a concert of an older folk musician. His name is Schlomo Bar. It was on a settlement called Kadita. A small concert, but a very nice vibe. The stage was set up with this giant star of David hanging over it.

Creative Glass Work

Glass-Work-jewish-starPhoto is courtesy of CreationsInGlass who published it on flickr and who wrote to me the following:
My Mom & I work together to sell handmade stained and fused glass pieces- Mom makes the pieces and I help her to sell them, she made the Star of David as a custom request several years ago, and it has been popular so each year she makes more to sell on her website.

Without this explanation I don't know how many of you could know what we see here...Anyhow it looks cool!