Monday, November 26, 2007

Aviation in Israel Stamp

Postage Stamp Aviation magen david
Winged Star of David on the tab as well as on the wing of the airplane in the body of the stamp.
Desined by Paul Kor in 1959 for the 10th year of civil aviation in Israel

UJA Stamp

Star of David Postage Stamp logo
Star of David made from the roots of a tree in an original design by Imanuel Blaushield
The stamp was issued in 1978.

Yizhak Gruenbaum Stamp

Gruenbaum Stamp magen david
Black Star of David on white background. Caption on tab: 1879-1970
Yizhak Gruenbaum was the first interior minister of Israel and a leader of the Zionist movement in Poland.
The stamp was issued in 1980; Designed by Mordechai Krop.