Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surrounded by Crosses

Photo is courtesy of "SebastianBerlin" who published it on Flickr. He wrote to me:

I just went through this cathedral (do you know it?), out of pure curiosity (actually it's not very beautiful, but it's Moscow's main church, so...), and suddenly I see this candelabra above me! Nobody of the people there knew anything about it. I even got the impression that nobody noticed it before. The church itself originally was built in 1860-1883, torn down in 1931 and rebuilt in 1992-2000. I suppose, this candelabra is an exact copy of the original from the 19th century. But beside it, I never noticed any use of this or any other symbol of Jewry by the Russian orthodox church. It remains a riddle, still to be solved.

Drain Cover

Photo of hexagram pattern on a drain cover is courtesy of "alexwoods" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me that it is 

from Nakano Ward in Tokyo, near Asagaya train station. Readers who know what does this pattern mean in the Japanese culture are invited to comment at the botom of this page.

Arthur Szyk, London

Photo of David's Shield with lions on Whitechapel Road in London is courtesy of "helen.2007" from Flickr who Googled it and found out that 
This is the emblem of the now defunct Jewish Daily News. The emblem is by Arthur Szyk in the Arts and Crafts Style
Arthur Szyk created some of the most interesting  David's Shields I’ve ever seen.