Saturday, October 25, 2008

Israeli Caricaturists Logo

Magen David as part of Israeli Caricaturists (Funcom) Logo

Photographer: Hayim Shtayer

Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2008

Another Hexagram

A hexagram appears on David Edwards’ Mystical Cube

 Copyright: David Edwards, who wrote to me:

The photo is of a carving I made when I was involved with the Order of the Cubic Stone, a teaching esoteric group I helped found in the 1960s. Each side portrays 1 of the elements with the hexagram on top representing in this instance spirit. We used a full size altar in a similar style to this, but on a base. The actual cube in the photo has each size approximately 2" long.

Tags: Order of the cubic stone, Altar, Cubic Stone, Magic, Enochian, John Dee, Dare to Make Magic, Seal of Solomon , Hexagram. See:

The name hexagram seems unsuccessful because it can be applied not only to the six-pointed star but also to the cube, which is also a drawing (“gram” in Greek) of six (“hex” in Greek).