Friday, July 13, 2007

Independence Day Jubilee Stamp

Jubilee Stamp Star of DavidBlue on white Star of David appears on the tab of Independence Day Jubilee Stamp.
Designed by Batya Ton who lives in Tel Aviv. Day of issue: 27/04/1998

Bezalel plates

Bezalel plates jewish star Israeli art

Stars of David on Jerusalem Art Academy Bezalel plates. Photo published 100 years ago on Die-Welt, Theodore Herzl's newpaper.

Dry Fish

Photo of Star of David made from dry fish is courtesy of "ptas" who published it on Flickr under the title Best with beer. Ptas explained to me: 
This shot should make you think, what is Jewish society and culture for a single Jew it surrounds? The answer is yours. I just eat them with beer. Yum!
I think this photo is a candidate for the title the weirdest Star of David photo I’ve ever published.