Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shaddai (the Mighty) tile

Shaddai inside a Star of David

Photo of the Hebrew word Shaddai (the Mighty) inside a Star of David painted on an old tile is courtesy of Mr. Abraham Madeisker.

Photo was taken at Trionfo Judaica Store, 9 Dorot Rishonim St., Jerusalem.


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Genesis Series At A Kindergarten In Canada

star of David frames israeli art

Mindy Klein, a preschool teacher of 3-4 year olds at Netivot Hatorah Day School in Toronto, Canada spent numerous hours on the Internet researching Israeli artists and was instantly struck by the Genesis Series paintings of Israeli artist Dick Ben Dor, depicting the seven days of creation on star of David frames. She brought samples of a few selected artists for the children and they unanimously chose to focus on the artwork of Dick Ben Dor. The children were very enthusiastic about their creations influenced by Dick Ben Dor’s series and eventually there was an exhibition of these works on Yom Yerushalayim. Mindy Klein sent me this extremely cute photo .

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