Friday, April 20, 2007

Student Paper Cut Brown

Photo is courtesy of artist Zipora Ne'eman, who not only makes paper cuts but also teaches how to make them. Here we see a work of one of her students with a Star of David in the center encircled by six Menorahs. Copyright: Zipora Ne'eman 2007

Yaakov Ne'eman Ushpizin Paper Cut

Photo is courtesy of Zipora Ne'eman who learned the art of paper cut from her father in law, Ya’akov Ne’eman, who started making paper cuts in 1977 while he was 70 years old. He created about 600 original paper cuts in 12 years and is considered to be one of the gratest paper cut artists in the 20th century.

This paper cut is titled Ushpizin. The six sides of the Magen David symbolize the six Ushpizin:Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph. The Magen David in its entirety symbolizes the last Ushpizin – King David
Copyright: Zipora Ne'eman 2007

Badges Worn In Nazi Concentration Camps

Yellow Badge Concentration CampsPhoto of the International Monument in Dachau concentration camp is courtesy of photomaven who published it on Flickr with the following caption:
These were the various symbols that residents of the camp wore to indicate who they were.