Thursday, May 24, 2007


Magen David Israeli art Photo is courtesy of Meir Salomon.
Palette – Oil on canvas. There’s a yellow badge on one side and a blue Magen David on the other. In the middle there’s a PALETTE in memory of the artists that were murdered during the holocaust.

Copyright: Meir Salomon 2007

Star Grass

Magen David Israeli art Meir Salomon painted this Magen David made from grass together with a transparent Menorah in the background, and with flowers and butterflies.

Meir Salomon was born in 1947 in Jerusalem. He spent many years in Holand. Now he’s living in Israel. He participated in many exhibitions, mainly in Holand.

Copyright: Meir Salomon 2007

Hava Yahav, the Colors of Creation

Magen David Israeli art Photo is courtesy of painter and illustrator Hava Yahav who wrote to me that in this painting there is a cross together with a Magen David and the colors are black green red and white, which according to the Kabala were the basic colors of the creation of the world.
Copyright: Hava Yahav 2007