Monday, July 10, 2006

Names of Websites

There are 9370 websites with the words Star of David in their URL and those of you who know the technical side of the web will understand the meaning of this huge number. For me it is just another indicator that shows how powerful this emblem is. Among those websites I found many commercial sites that sell jewelry and a few interesting ones like:
Hanukkah coloring page
This site offers kids a drawing of the Star of David that can be colored online or off line .
Star of David Posters at
Books with a Star of David on the front cover like:
Bat Mitzvah Scrapbook
Bar Mitzvah Photo Album
Guest Book
A spam blog for Star of David Door Entry Knocker with hundreds of repetitions on the words Star of David Door Entry Knocker
The Star of David Kosher Soap "Made from the natural oils of lemon and eucalyptus extract and pure vegetable oil".