Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Star of Canada

Star of Canada hexagramPhoto of Star of David made to look like a maple leaf is courtesy of jcjface from Flickr who wrote to me that
The star is from the front of the Ontario Science Centre in Canada. It's etched into the sidewalk outside.

Maple leaf is the emblem of Canada.

Coexist in Amsterdam

Coexist-star-of-david-2Photo of Star of David in the word Coexist on a big billboard poster in a public park in Amsterdam outside the Van Gogh museum is courtesy of
garethmooney from Flickr.


Photo is courtesy of Lia Lake.
The slogan coexist includes:
Muslim crescent symbol representing the "C;" the Jewish Star of David, the "X;" and the Christian cross, the "T." ...reminds Christians, Jews and Muslims that we all have a shared heritage, we are all distant cousins – family as well as neighbours. Neighbours who have a lot in common to talk about. Jews and Arabs [who are mostly Muslims] can trace their ancestry back to Abraham and Christians through faith are recognised as his “spiritual” sons.