Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Zionism" Film in Yavne Exhibition

Aran Patinkin's "Zionism" 45 seconds film is now playing in a loop in the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which was opened on 23 March 2007. Curator: Roni Reuven. The film is intended to show that Zionism is not self evident: it is composed of complementary parts that make sense only when they work together.

Roni Reuven

This is the second painting of Yellow Badges by Roni Reuven, the curator of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which opened on 23 March 2007.

Ganesha Yantra

Amrita Ambika from Flickr wrote to me:
Ganesha is a formless representation of God (Many Hindu Gods/Goddesses have this "star" on their yantra, like Vishnu, Gayatri with several stars, ...).
Search "yantra" on Wikipedia, I'm affraid that knowledge is poor about the yantra!
But is it a very powerful tool!

Pavle Bidev wrote about The Origins of Chess:
The Sanskrit terms for the Indian primeval chess and its pieces have been well-known. The chess was called "chaturanga"...Not only by its name, but also by the way in which it moves in the primeval chess, the elephant symbolizes the air. The geometric picture of the air in the Indian philosophy of nature is a six-pointed star - i.e. two intercrossed triangles...The connection among the elephant, six-pointed star, and airy space exist in the well-known myth about the conception of Buddha. The six pointed star is the geometric emblem of Ganesha, the god with the elephant head. That emblem consists in fact of three six pointed stars. on put into the other ...Ganesha, as the donor of wisdom, wealth and as the remover of obstacles, is the most popular deity of the Indians. Only in the holy town of Benares he has about 200 temples.