Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Computers in Israeli Industry

Postage Stamp logo jewish star Photo is courtesy of the designer: Asher Kalderon.
Design of a Star of David on a keyboard of a computer on the Computers-in-Industry-stamp, which is one of three stamps in a series titled Israel Industry Centenary.
Day of Issue: 26/01/1988
Designer: Asher Kalderon
Asher Kalderon was Born in Bulgaria. Emigrated to Israel in 1948 and studied art and design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. 

Tibetan Coin

There's a six pointed star on a Tibetan Coin named Jaya Srinirasa Malla from 1661-1685

My Shield Is My Faith

Star of David origin psalms Photo of an artwork demontrating the origin of the star of david  is courtesy of Tzfat artist Reli Wasser
who realized my idea to connect the shape of the Magen David to its ancient original meaning.
The product started from a few illustrations of Jerusalem artist Dvorit Ben Shaul
and continued with glass models by Maayan Feigin.
Legend has it that the Star of David decorated the shield that King David had in his battles against his enemies. But when he fought Goliath, he defeated the giant with no protection: he just had his sling shot and his faith. His shield was not a physical object - his shield was his faith!
Jewish tradition maintains that Psalms are the work of King David. In Psalms, whenever King David prays to the Lord, using the word "shield", the coin "Shield of David” is created.
The product is available in a few versions and there will be more versions in the near future.
All rights reserved to Reli Wasser 2007