Sunday, November 11, 2007

Speedy Connections

Connections+magen+david logoPhoto of Magen David logo is courtesy of Howard Levy who designed it in 2003 for a company that specializes in speedy connections between businessmen.
Copyright: Howard Levy 2007

Logo for A Kibbutz

Logo for A Kibbutz Star of David Picture of a Star of David logo is courtesy of

Itzhak Beery who created it in 1984 for Hakibbutz Haartzi. The logo connects between the Star of David and the people and agriculture.

Copyright: Itzhak Beery 2007
I think this logo is brilliant since the eye captures the colorful parts and the Star of David, which is hiding colorless in the center and it takes a while until you notice it - Wow!

Ship Called You Do Not Frighten Us

Magen David postcard
A piece of history (with a Magen David):
Happy New Year postcard from 1948; Photo had been taken in a Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz in Italy a short while before the grandparents of Liat-Barkan (Preker) [Haim Preker Shpiro and Sonia Sara Preker (Wollmark)], who appear in the mirror frame on the right side of the photo) mounted the ship called “You Do Not Frighten Us” which was carrying illegal immigrants to Palestine.
Copyright: Liat Barkan (Preker) 2007.
Hayim Shtayer, who is a main contributor to this project, has sent me this photo.