Friday, November 16, 2007

Hebrew Alphabet, Tree Of Life and the Star Of David

Kabbalah six pointed star
Drawing was made by Randy from Oklahoma who wrote to me:
A friend of mine from ten years ago gave me some notes on Hebrew and Kabbalah and one-page talks about the Hebrew alphabet as a timeline of Biblical events. For example, Aleph is Adam and is at the beginning of mankind's history and Tau is at the end which represents the final judgement. Then I noticed that there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 11 spots on the tree of life. So, as a challenge I thought to split the alphabet and try to pair each letter, one letter from each list, according to its meaning and then attempt to place them in the right spots on the tree. Then I superimposed the tree of life over the star of David and got better results. For example, mem is in the second half of the alphabet which means water and is in the meridian of time and represents Christ/ Messiah/Jehovah (without water there is no life and Christ/Messiah/Jehovah is the life and light of the world) and tet looks like a snake and the snake traditionally has been Satan. I placed these in the center of the Tree of Life which in turn is in the center of the Star of David which in turn is the heart of man where good and evil resides. It is something you have to see to truly understand what I did. I am not sure what purpose this has but every time I work on this I learn something new. I learned a while ago that the 12 precious stones on the breastplate of Aaron represents the twelve tribes of Israel and each tribe was assigned a letter of the alphabet. When I placed each tribe on the tree it nearly matched what I previously did on the tree. At the time I did this I had very little knowledge of Hebrew and only had his notes and a Hebrew dictionary to work with. I just took his research and expanded it. I am not sure if this has ever been done before but I hope someone can take an interest in it and continue the research.

Iris Yehezkel, An Eye Watches Towards Zion

zion-israeli art-jewish-starPhoto of Stars of David with a bird is courtesy of artist Iris Yehezkel who was born in Israel on June 24 1969, and is
Married + 3 children
Copyright: Iris yehezkel 2007
Iris wrote to me:
When I hear the words Magen David it reminds me of our national anthem and I feel pride and belonging to the chosen people. Our people suffered expulsion, anti-Semitism and had to wander around the world –these causes brought about the endless longing for the Land. Even though we got a Land, eventually, we remained a wandering people and that’s why the Stars of David fall like tears