Friday, November 16, 2007

Iris Yehezkel, An Eye Watches Towards Zion

zion-israeli art-jewish-starPhoto of Stars of David with a bird is courtesy of artist Iris Yehezkel who was born in Israel on June 24 1969, and is
Married + 3 children
Copyright: Iris yehezkel 2007
Iris wrote to me:
When I hear the words Magen David it reminds me of our national anthem and I feel pride and belonging to the chosen people. Our people suffered expulsion, anti-Semitism and had to wander around the world –these causes brought about the endless longing for the Land. Even though we got a Land, eventually, we remained a wandering people and that’s why the Stars of David fall like tears

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Lucian said...

Magnificent. (OK, that's it, I'm stealing this also!).