Tuesday, May 27, 2008

60th Independence Year Flag

Israel logo flag magen David

On the road from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv are scattered dozens of Israeli 60 Independence Year Flags, starting at the exit from Jerusalem and ending at Shaar Hagay. Each flag is an ambassador of our national emblem, the magen David.

Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps

Postage Stamp, Yellow Badge

Yellow Badge above the word Remember on an Israeli postage stamp issued twenty years after the Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps to commemorate the event.

Designer: Yaakov Zim

The Giving Of The Law And The Golden Calf-4

 incomplete Magen David israeli art

Photo is courtesy of the artist, Jacques Heller.

Copyright: © Jacques Heller 2008

This is one of the about 30 works in different sizes, which were exhibited around Europe in 1977-1978, under the title “religious art”. We see in it a tree, which looks like a prophet, holding in its arms an incomplete Magen David, which hints to the broken tables of the covenant. In the background we see a calf head- hinting to the Golden Calf.