Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digitally Processed Photography

Israeli art Stars of David  Herzl ArafatWe see here Stars of David on a photo of Herzl in the first Zionist congress with a Digitally Processed portrait of Arafat. Caption is a quote from Herzl’s saying: “the Jews who want a state will achieve it”. The idea is to show that Israelis need to show determination if they don’t want to lose their land.
Photo is courtesy of Israeli artist Avner Bar Hama, , b. 1946
Copyright: Avner Bar Hama © 2008

Therapeutic Effect

Therapeutic Effect Hexagram

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Photo copyright: © David J. Bookbinder 2008

I already heard from a few people that the Star of David has a Therapeutic Effect, but this is the first time I write about it. 

From David J. Bookbinder’s blog:

My choice of the hexagram (the Star of David, "beloved" in Hebrew) as the organizing shape for these mandalas was subconscious, but I believe this choice was no accident. In many traditions, the Star of David, composed of two overlapping triangles, represents the reconciliation of opposites — male/female, fire/water, and so on. Their combination symbolizes unity and harmony. Listening to what the mandalas were telling me led me out of a dark place and, indirectly, to my decision to become a psychotherapist.