Friday, September 28, 2007

Hebron Star

Hebron Star of David

Photo of a Star of David carved above the entrance to an Arab home in the old city of Hebron is courtesy of William Frey who shot it in Summer 2005. On the basis of such evidence Jews in the settlements use to claim that they are resettling areas where Jews have lived.

Equating Stalinism And Jews

Equating Stalinism And Jews Star of David Star of David on a 1941 Nazi propaganda poster in Lithuanian language equating Stalinism and Jews
Photo is copied from Wikipedia

The Wirepuller Jew

Anti-semitism Star of David

Photo of Star of David on the belly of The Wirepuller Jew is courtesy of "ILoveMyPiccolo" who published it on Flickr. This image appears on a A pre-war Nazi poster exhibited in the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Germany

Tunisian Synagogue in Acre

Stars of David on Or Torah Tunisian Synagogue in Acre Picture of many Stars of David on Or Torah Tunisian Synagogue in Acre is courtesy of pictorial history collector Stephanie Comfort  who published it on Flickr. 

It was built since 1955.  
13 Kaplan Street, Acre
To arrange a visit, call 9725068220781

Iranian Cartoon The Seed of Zionism

There's an anti-Semitic Iranian YouTube TV cartoon showing a Jewish Rabbi planting a Nazi swastika, watering it and watching it grow into the Star of David. What makes the the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism (or anti-Israel) is the Rabbi, which automatically jumps the religious connotation.  

Kiddush Cup

Star of David etched on a Kiddush Cup

Photo of Star of David etched on a Kiddush Cup (front and bottom) is courtesy of "Esa Einai" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:

We bought this about 10 years ago at a store in a mall in Buckhead Georgia USA (a suburb of Atlanta Georgia). It is Waterford Crystal. We were shopping for a wedding present for my mom's cousin. We bought her a nice vase and we bought this for our family. It has Borei Pri Hagafen etched in Hebrew; a gold rim. We don't use this very often. Mostly we use my great-grandfather’s little silver Kiddush cup that he brought from the Old Country.

Pre-Colonialist Moroccan Coins

Moroccan Coins carrying Solomon's Seals Picture of Pre-Colonialist Moroccan Coins carrying Solomon's Seals is courtesy of historian and artist Dr. Yigal Bin Nun

Moroccan 3 Falus, 1868
CC picture by  Steve Thoroughgood from Flickr