Friday, September 28, 2007

Equating Stalinism And Jews

Equating Stalinism And Jews Star of David Star of David on a 1941 Nazi propaganda poster in Lithuanian language equating Stalinism and Jews
Photo is copied from Wikipedia

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Lucian said...

Ah, yes, ... Marx and Lenin were Jews, therefore ALL Jews are bad ... what brilliant logic! (Granted: it wasn't JUST Lenin, but an entire "army" of secularized Jews who supported, and then subsequently spread, communism. And they wanted to overthrow the Tsar for the anti-Semitic actions that took place for the last 200-300 yrs. during the Tsarist regime). BUT (You see, there's ALLWAYS a "BUT") during Lenin's time, Russia has managed to actually prosper a bit [pulling its troups out of a war where the Russian soldiers were put in the stupid situation to go even without weapons -- You can FORGET about clothing, provisions and supplies!] ... whereas the horrific men-murders took place during Stalin's time, and this Stalin fellow was ... guess what? ... YES! You've got it! He was an ex-Orthodox-Seminary-student, and a native of Georgia (which, along with Russia, are two nationally Orthodox countries, whose Christian histories extend for over a millennium).

Actually, the "Red October Revolution" didn't get the color from the spilled blood :-) ... when the communists took over, they did that without filming themselves (obviously!). So, the film shows actually a re-make of it ... and here's the funny part: when the filming of the re-make was all over, the janitor who cleaned up the broken glass from the floor said to some of the guys there: "You've made a bigger mess now, than the first time!". :-) Seriously! I mean, ... I've laugheed my pants off when I've heard that! (Saw it on Discovery).