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Max Grunwald

Following are a few IMPORTANT excerpts about the MEANING and the HISTORY of the Star of David from the entry that rabbi and folklorist Max Grunwald wrote on the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia in 1948 (Vol. 9, pp. 506-507).
Researchers would certainly find here a few leads to follow…

  1. According to the teachings of the Rosicrucians, it was known to the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese and Peruvians…
  2. in the Jewish catacombs at the Villa Torlonia, near Rome…
  3. in an Arabic amulet of the 9th cent.;
  4. in Byzantine magic texts;
  5. in medieval books of magic (but as a pentagraph);
  6. in German folklore;
  7. in the relics of the Templars…
  8. as the “Order of the Seal of Solomon” in Abyssinia (from 1874 on);
  9. in the old town hall of Vienna;
  10. on or in churches at Aquileia, Brandenburg, Stendal, Hannover, Lüneburg and Bad Gastein (the latter is the most recent date)…
  11. A Hebrew manuscript of 1564 in the Hamburg Stadtbibliothek, has the symbol accompanied by the words, magen david…
  12. according to the Cabalistic view… the representation of the Ten Sefiroth as the mathematical figure of the Tree of Life. Mythologically, it designates the emergence of the microcosm (man) from the macrocosm (the universe), of the Zeir Anpin (immediate aspect of God) from the Aba Veumma (hidden aspect of God); according to this analogy, the Messiah David will arise from the “bosom of Abraham,” the foundation stone of the world…
  13. The use of the term “shield” points to an astrological and mythical connection, and is reminiscent of the shield of Melkart (Hercules), with which the latter slew the giant Antaeus. Just as this was preserved in the temple at Gadeira, so the shield of David, according to David Reubeni, was preserved in the synagogue at Bologna…
  14. As a Messianic symbol, it represented the zodiacal sign of Pisces (February 21 to March 20), the time of the year in which the Messiah was supposed to appear.


Joseph Jacobs A. Freimann wrote in their entry “borders” in the Jewish Encyclopedia

The borders in some editions of the Soncino press are artistically executed, as are those produced by the Gersonides at Prague; those of the prayer-book, Prague, 1527, and of the Pentateuch, Prague, 1530, are remarkable for their beauty. On the top of the title-page of the tur Orach Chayyim, Prague, 1540, Moses is represented with the tablets of the Law; below are two lions, a crown over a city gate (the coat of arms of Prague), and to the right and left winged men with shields; in addition, a "David's shield" on the right side and a ewer on the left. The same design is found in the Prague editions of the seventeenth century.

Intersecting Triangles

Here are some excerpts about the meaning of the Star of David from the website of the royalarch [org au:
Mackey says that of all talismans, he knew of none, except perhaps the cross, which was so generally prevalent among the ancients as the Seal of Solomon or David's Shield. He considered the Interlaced Triangles as the greatest Oriental Talisman. Later it was adopted by Christians as an emblem of their faith, but with varying interpretations the two triangles were said to be symbols …of prayer and remission, sometimes of creation and redemption, of life and death, or of resurrection and judgment; and finally of the two natures of our Lord - divine and human… To a Rosicrucian ... Their book of Ancient symbolism, "Behold the Sign" says that all through nature the law of duality exists and when opposing polarities are linked a creation results. In March, 1853, an article entitled "ancient Masons Marks", in the Freemasons' Quarterly Magazine (London) claimed that … the symbol was known to Christians as a figure of the ineffable name of Jehovah, within which were often met the I.H.S. of the Greek Church…

The Star of the Magi

Here's an amazing paragraph about the origin of the Christian star of Bethlehem

From:The Paradoxes Of The Highest Science

by Éliphas Lévi, 1922

In one of the secret books of Merop--a book antedating Christianity, three Magi are shown as seeking the lost wisdom of Zoroaster in order to save mankind from maya,--ignorance. A star appears, a six-pointed star, and leads them to the cave where Zarathushtra's Book of Wisdom is buried.

Genesis Paintings on Youtube

Dick Ben Dor's 7 Genesis Paintings on Stars of David frames are now on Youtube. It is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation converted to video. I think it's a great Israeli art!

Page Number Bullets

Number Bullets MY BOOKS star of David

I made these page number bullets for my new English Book from the Diwali photo Ben Piven sent me. 

When Did King David Live?

I asked researcher Dr. David Inbar when Did King David Live in order that I will know since when I have to track the archeological footprints of the Shield which is related to him. (You will be able to delve more in the theory of Dr. David Inbar in his Hebrew book: A Journey to the Biblical Past, published in 1988).

Following is his answer (which reminds me of the thought-provoking saying: absence of proof is not a proof of absence):

Historians, biblical scholars, archaeologists and other scientists of old-world subjects of research, tend to agree that the beginning times of the people of Israel is not (and can’t) provable, yet. There are no remains of the Patriarchs’ activities in the land of Israel in general – and in the Beer Sheba valley in particular . It is agreed by most of the above scholars, that the Patriarchs – if any of them existed at all, were living during the 20th – 18th centuries B.C.E
(during MB II age) but because there are no archaeological evidences of that time in the Beer Sheba valley, the general scholarly trend, is to deny the historical narrative of the patriarchs, or to pretext the facts that there are no archaeological, cultural and material remains of the patriarchs because they were a nomadic society, therefore leaving no remains and no traces of their existence just like the Bedouin nomadic desert dwellers of today. However, the Biblical narrative of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants is very clear and vivid. One can feel the Biblical narrative in the tips of one’s hands, so realistic is the description of the patriarchs. The absence of evidences of the age above does not put the patriarchs in the complete mythological side of our narrative . If the Biblical story teller is right, one must deepen its research in the Beer Sheba valley and look as deep in the ground as possible . I searched the geographical history of the identification of Biblical Beer Sheba town and valley and I found it historically correct. I started looking for evidences matching the Patriarchs’ Biblical description . No match was found in the Middle Bronze age II (about the end of the 3rd millennium B.C.E, or in the Late Bronze period (there are not even one LB site in the Beer Sheba valley and its vicinity (Iron I – II periods or even Early Bronze I – II periods) there are not even one EB Site in the valley of Beer Sheba valley) and the only period in the above area left to search for the Biblical patriarchs’ story is the 5th millennium B.P remnants, which are abundant in the above valley and was earlier to the Israeli 1ST temples’ period finds in the region. To my great surprise, the wonderful excavations made by some of the best archaeologists like Dothan, Perrot and others, I could easily attach the Chalcolithic (5th millennium) period of the Beer – Sheba valley to the Biblical, patriarchs’ narrative.

The chronological peg to the history of Israel is the departure of Egypt, in 3760. This year marks the end of the Chalcolithic period in Israel. Up to 3760 we sat in Egypt as its rulers starting with Menasheh who was called in Egyptian Menas. The founder of this dynasty was Joseph, son of Jacob, who was called in Egyptian Osephis. David started ruling in 3221 after 495 years of the Prophets and 40 years of King Saul & Samuel. So that we can start looking for archeological footprints of David’s Shield in the 4th millennium, way before other Middle Eastern cultures like Sumer, Ugarite, Babylon and Assyria.

Dr David Inbar was born in the town of Rehovot, Israel, in 1939; He grew up in kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh and became a farmer. he enlisted to the Israeli Army, serving in the field Engineering corps; he became an officer and was severely wounded in 1966, in a battle in the West bank . Because of this battle he was decorated with the medal of bravery). After a long recovery, David was sent by the Israeli army to study in the university of Tel Aviv and his subjects of studies were: General Geography and Middle Eastern Affaires . He served after that in the Intelligence corps as a military researcher for about 7 years; he has been released from the Army and went to study Archaeology and ancient Middle Eastern Cultures and languages (including Classic Egyptian, Ugarite, old Greece and old Hebrew-Punic). After he accomplished his graduate studies at the University of Tel Aviv, he continued his academic studies for PhD) in the University of Bar-Ilan in Ramat-Gan.

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Jewish Medals

Cyrus Adler and Albert Wolf Soon wrote in the Jewish Encyclopedia that the first engraved Jewish medals were from the middle of the fifteenth century.  
They bring some later examples such as: 

1875. Synagogue at Pribram with a shield of David on the reverse

1888. Founding of a Frankfort lodge with a shield of David on the obverse

1900. Stepney Jewish School: with a shield of David on the reverse.

ornate sculptings

amazing  ornate sculptured hexagram
Photo of amazing ornate sculptured hexagram is courtesy of Ben Piven from Flickr.

Another Indian motorcycle

Indian motorcycle HexagramPhoto is courtesy of Ben Piven from Flickr. I'd like to know what is the symbol inside the hexagon.

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Stopper On The Bottle

From: The Internet Book of Shadows
In alchemy, the Star of David combined the symbols for fire and water; hence, it meant distillation. Until recently, therefore, it appeared on shops selling brandy... The stopper on the bottle containing the bottle imp or jinni was stamped with the seal of Solomon. In the Nsibidi script of West Africa, a native form of writing, the symbol means ardent love; the universality of the male-female content of the sign is here apparent.

Star of Honda

honda-hexagramPhoto of Indian yantra on a Honda motorcycle is courtesy of Ben Piven. I reckon it is used here as an symbol of protection. (Riding this powerful vehicle seems quite dangerous).

Sanford Biggers

In 2006 artist Sanford Biggers (Assistant Professor of Sculpture) had an exhibition titled Freedom: And Other Seldom Traveled Roads. There was a record jacket decorated with disco mirrors creating a six pointed star. 

Sanford Biggers deals with themes of sacred geometry in Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. 

The meaning of the Geometric Arabesque

Solomon’s Seal surrounding a white flower
Photo of arabesque (from India?) with Solomon’s Seal surrounding a white flower is courtesy of Lynn Bodner, researcher of Islamic star designs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sun Symbol

From: sacred-texts dot com:
What the sun is to the solar system, the spirit is to the bodies of man...  Man's three bodies are symbolized by an upright triangle; his threefold spiritual nature by an inverted triangle. These two triangles, when united in the form of a six-pointed star... These triangles symbolize the spiritual and material universes linked together.


The unique art of [Star of David] Blessing Pods

Human Skeleton, Mechanical Explanation

Human Skeleton jewish star

Moshe Gorelik, Israeli teacher of Marshall arts and inventor of ISAI, self-defense and healing art, found three Star of David shapes in the Human skeleton, and he explained them to me according to mechanics, without any mystical mambo jumbo:

  1. Hip bone: leg bones press the earth and a counter force flow from the earth to the hip bones, which are lying (In males) at an angle of about 60 degrees, and form an equilateral triangle. The opposite triangle comes from the pelvis, where the vectors accumulate to the fifth copula, which is the erect body’s center of gravity.
  2. Chest: when you raise your hands vectors accumulate to the chest Tan Tien while the ribs create the opposite triangle.
  3. Jaws.
The second paragragh about the chest star is parallel to the Indian mystical term Anahta Chakra...

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Macedonian Ishak Bey Mosque

Turkish district of Skopje, Macedonia - Ishak Bey Mosque was built in 1483 by Ishak Bey and it has a tomb behind it decorated with faience, and a Solomon’s seal made of dark and light blue tiles. It seems like a unique pattern (I never saw it before) which is composed from 48 small triangles that create a hexagram inside another hexagram.
Picture is courtesy of Kat Rybnik from Flickr

Jewish Lantern

Very short film about
Milestones in the "history" of the Jewish Lantern, developed by my son
The film is based on a
Powerpoint presentation
converted to video format by
wondershare PPT to YouTube

Himalayan Symbol of Education

Himalayan Symbol of Education hexagram

Photo of Himalayan School with a six-pointed star above its window as the symbol of education is courtesy of Moshe Gorelik who shot it in 1987.

Copyright: Moshe Gorelik 2008.

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On the website “three faces of monotheism" in the chapter “The face of Islam” there are two Bronze bezels with Solomon’s seals from Palestine, Mamluk period, Thirteenth century CE(?). Diameter: 1.4 cm.

Palace Of Peter The Cruel In Seville

Solomon’s seal Palace Of Peter The Cruel In Seville

Photo of arabesque with Solomon’s Seal from the Alcázar of Seville which was once a Moorish palace is courtesy of Lynn Bodner, researcher of Islamic star designs.

Blue mosque, Istanbul

Blue mosque, Istanbul Solomon’s seal

Photo of arabesque with Solomon's Seal from the 17th century Blue Mosque is courtesy of Lynn Bodner, researcher of Islamic star designs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Anti Semitic Propaganda on YouTube

Hate can make you create! Here’s an example (he found the Star of David even in the Atheists emblem!)

From: deloreanflux88

Added: July 02, 2007

The Jews are out to get us. They want to steal all our money and force us to read their boring Talmud and Torah books. We must fight back. Almost everyone is secretly a Jew these days. May Allah empower us to fight off this Semite scum!!!(I forgot to put Raelians in here. They are also JEWS!!! LOOK AT THEIR STAR OF DAVID!!)

The Lamb of the Order Of The Temple

Charles G. Addison wrote in his book [The History of the Knights Templars]that
the nineteenth volume of the "MEMOIR ES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ ROYALE DES ANTIQUAIRES DE FRANCE" contains an account of the church of Brelevennez, that belonged to the order of the Temple, and there was a copper medallion, with a small circle, within which was inscribed a six-pointed star surrounding a second circle, containing within it the LAMB of the order of the Temple holding a banner.

David’s Menorah

David’s star Menorah israeli art

Artist: David Soussanna

Davids Menorah was placed in the Nation Square near the Israeli Parliament in November 2007.

Logo Made From Hebrew Letters

Logo Made From Hebrew Letters jewish star

Medical center Hillel Yaffe celebrates 50. Its Magen David logo is made from the Hebrew letters for Hillel. More logos that are made from Hebrew letters are

Im a Zionist



Hayim Shtayer shot this photo . (c) Hayim Shtayer 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Move Forward Road Sign

Star of David  move-forward-road-sign
Yesterday, on a rainy day, I took a picture of a slow-down-road-sign at the Binyaney Hauma parking lot in Jerusalem. With a little help from my Photoshop, I changed it into a Star of David  move-forward-road-sign, believing that even though the energy of Zionism seems currently to be slowing down in the road to become Light to the Nations, we didn’t stop hoping that the sun would eventually show through the clouds.

Beuthen, Communal Seal

Beuthen, Communal Seal jewish star

Photo taken from Jewish Encyclopedia entry "seal" written by Joseph Jacobs & Albert Wolf.

In the nineteenth century The Shield of David was found on the seal of the community of Beuthen, City of Prussian Silesia.

Dresden, Communal Seal

Dresden, Communal Seal jewish star

Photo tken from Jewish Encyclopedia entry "seal" by Joseph Jacobs & Albert Wolf.

In the nineteenth century The Shield of David was found on the seal of the community of Dresden, Capital of the kingdom of Saxony; situated on both banks of the Elbe.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kriegshaber, Communal Seal

Shield of David Kriegshaber, Communal Seal
From Jewish Encyclopedia entry "seal" by Joseph Jacobs & Albert Wolf
The Shield of David is found on the seal of the community of Kriegshaber (in southern Germany) and it bears the Hebrew inscription Kriegshaber community.

Kremsir, Communal Seal

Shield of David Kremsir, Communal Seal
From Jewish Encyclopedia entry "seal" by Joseph Jacobs & Albert Wolf
The Shield of David is found on the seal of the community of Kremsir [Town in Moravia, Austria] from about 1690.

Prague, Communal Seal

Prague Communal Seal magen davidFrom Jewish Encyclopedia entry: Seal by Joseph Jacobs & Albert Wolf

The seal of the ghetto of Prague is from 1627. The Jewish star surrounds a Swedish hat and has the caption "Sigillum Antiquæ Communitatis Pragensis Judæorum," with the
letters "magistrat" in the corners.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eliphas Levi, Talisman

Eliphas Levi, Talisman Solomon’s seal

Photo of The first pentacle of the sun is copied from Clavicula Solomonis. 

ALPHONSE LOUIS CONSTANT (ELIPHAS LEVI) was a famous French occultist of the nineteenth century. In his book Clavicula Solomonis he described talismans with six-pointed stars (Solomon’s seals) such as the one above.

Christian Six-pointed Star

David J. Ross  in his article [titled: The Bird, The Cross, And The Emperor] quoted Trexler as saying that before Constantine the most common star of the Magi was the six-pointed star; sometimes with the Greek letters iota and chi, which are the first letters in the Greek word for “Jesus” and “Christ.” After 312, the star had been replaced by the chi and rho, the first two Greek letters of the word “Christ".


joy for the eyes of the Star of David enthusiasts

Collage of Magen David emblems that appeared recently on happy New Year cards is courtesy of Designer Hayim Shtayer. This is a real joy for the eyes of the Star of David enthusiasts…

Copyright © Hayim Shtayer 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mosque of Cordoba

Cordoba Mosque 
six pointed star at the Dome
CC Picture by
from Flickr

six pointed stars on
Window Grills of La Mezquita

Reviewer karam Ramrakha from Syendy, New South Wales AU commented on a book titled  The Origin of the Mosque of Cordoba :
The Moors were nomads but when they went to Spain they became suddenly builders. This runs counter to the fact that a conqueror can only bring to a conquered country what the conqueror has in his own country... cf the Greek Romans and British. The Mosque at Cordoba has the Shakti-Chakra (six pointed star of the Hindus), which is the same as the Star of David of the Jews... this is quoted by Michener in his book Iberia...
B. Lynn Bodner wrote about The Geometric Structure of Portal and Window Grills of La Mezquita (The Great Mosque) of Cordoba and brought a photo of a Marble Window Grille, second of two found flanking a door on the northern wall of La Mezquita.

Mosque in Lahore

Following is an excerpt from a web page dedicated to The Great Art Of The Alhambra De Granada

The star was the most common Islamic design. In Islamic design, the star is a regular geometric shape that symbolizes equal radiation in all directions from a central point. All regular stars -- whether they have 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 points -- are created by a division of a circle into equal parts.

Here is an example from that web page of a Solomon's Seal found in a mosque at Lahore, Pakistan:

Tables of the Covenant

Tables of the Covenant inside a Star of David

Tables of the Covenant inside a Star of David on a detail from a happy New Year card sent in 1943 by Moshe Bar Yuda to his friend. From Hayim Shtayer’s collection.

Pilgrim Festival

Star of David Western Wall Jerusalem

Star of David, Menorah and a drawing of the Western Wall on a detail from a happy New Year card sent decades ago by Moshe Bar Yuda to his friend. From Hayim Shtayer’s collection.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exceeding Good Land

Magen David Israeli map

A detail from a happy New Year card sent decades ago by Moshe Bar Yuda to his friend. Caption is from the Bible: If I forget Thee. In the center of the Magen David a line from the national anthem and the Israeli map.

From Hayim Shtayer’s collection.


Vandalism Red Star of DavidRed Star of David was painted on the stonewall of the pool at
Manya Schochat park, Carmel center, Haifa, in February 2008. My first reaction was: Vandalism, but later I assumed it may be a legitimate protest: why are the municipalities wasting money on luxuries while people are suffering hunger and injustice?
Photo taken by graphic designer Hayim Shtayer.
Copyright: © Hayim Shtayer 2008.

Anglican Graves

Anglican Graves Hexagram

This rare Photo is courtesy of Webrarian who wrote to me:

I was in Wales over the weekend and spotted three graves, which had both Stars of David and the IHS symbol - one at each end. The three graves were for members of the same family - the Spencers. They were farmers, brewers and innkeepers.

IHS stands for: Iesus Hominum Salvator.

As far as I can recall, this is the first Anglican six-pointed star that I stumbled upon. These first appearances are the highlights of this blog and its justification...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Star of David on a Gallows

From the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and racism at Tel Aviv University, Ukraine 2006 Report we learn that In early June 2006  a six-pointed star on gallows with the caption“Juden Kaput! Don’t Stop Hooligans” appeared at the underground passage in Kiev. Go to the original report and read the whole list of Anti-Semitic events that took place in that year in Ukraine.

Yair Davidiy Answers Anti-Semitic Propaganda

InBrit-Am Now-820 Yair Davidiy answered the Anti-Semitic claims (of Graham, Blavatsky, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, the Rosicrucians and others) that the Star of David is the sign of Saturn, the mark of Cain, the star of Remphan etc., and that those who use it are committing blasphemy.

It is important to clarify these allegations since anti-Semites flood the WWW with repetitions on them.

Yair: There is no proof of this. Even if it were true (and I think it is not) it would not prove anything. I am afraid to say that The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia may not always be such a good source and "the Rosicrucians" are even worse…


The same applies to all similar articles and Conspiracy Theories.

These sources are unclean. They are liable to inculcate into you pagan values.

They tell you that a certain symbol or group etc has an evil mystical agenda and then describe that "agenda" to you taking you round in circles. By the time you are finished you will have unknowingly absorbed elements of a sinister doctrine against the Bible, against the Jews, and against the Children of Israel. You are liable to be on the verge of accepting heathen doctrine.

Eliphas Levi’s Duad

Eliphas Levi’s Duad Hexagram From: Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, A.E.Waite, Chicago, 1910:
BOAZ and JAKIN are the names of the two symbolical Pillars before the principal entrance of Solomon's Kabalistic Temple. In the Kabalah these Pillars explain all mysteries of antagonism, whether natural, political or religious… The active principle seeks the passive principle, the plenum desires the void, the serpent's jaw attracts the serpent's tail… The monad can manifest only by the duad; unity itself and the notion of unity at once constitute two. The unity of the Macrocosm reveals itself by the two opposite points of two triangles… To make light visible God had only to postulate shadow. To manifest the truth He permitted the possibility of doubt. The shadow bodies forth the light, and the possibility of error is essential for the temporal manifestation of truth.

Bronze Age

Professor Michael Costa wrote in his book (the gold section, Solomon’s seal and star of David, Poalim,1990 [in Hebrew] p. 229) that the hexagram appeared

as an ornament on different vessels in France in the Bronze Age, between 6000 and 1000 B.C.E. Source: Dawkins W.B. 1880

It is not clear from his phrasing if there was any hexagram which is dated to 6000, but if that’s the case we are talking here about the first hexagram. This is of the highest importance point so readers who know more about this hexagram are invited to comment.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ottoman Banknote

Solomon’s seal Ottoman Banknote.

Solomon’s seal surrounding the number 10 (Lira) on an old Ottoman Banknote.

The First Sign Or Hieroglyphic Of Amsu

Readers who can send me the sources for the legend that the 6-pointed star was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu the risen Horus- are most welcome.

Cistercian Monastery, Germany

Annemarie Schimmel brings in her book The Mystery of Numbers ISBN 0195089197, in the Chapter about the number 6, p. 125 a photo of a

Six-pointed vault closure in the church of St. Mary at the Cistercian monastery of Doberan near Rostock, Germany, late 13 century…

Hexagram on a Rose Cross

Hexagram on a Rose Cross

Photo of Hexagram on a Rose Cross was belonging to the occultist Golden Dawn movement was copied from Wikipedia [entry: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn]. Israel Regardie in his book The Golden Dawn: A Complete Course (ISBN 0875426638 p. 287- 299) has a whole chapter about The Ritual Of The Hexagram, describing how to use its angles according to planets, colors and the sephirot of the Tree of Life

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Golden Dawn-1

Golden-Dawn-hexagramSix-pointed Star on a hand made emblem of the Golden Dawn tree ornament. Photo is courtesy of "Saveena" from Flickr who made this Messianic Star as part of a series of star works.

Hand made Messianic Star

hexagram fish Christian logo
Photo of this cool design of a Hand made Messianic Star (hexagram, & fish logo)  is courtesy of "Saveena" from Flickr who made this as part of a series of star works each showing a star of a different religion.

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Holocaust Encyclopedia Yellow Badge

A Yellow badge on the cover of the Holocaust Encyclopedia [Hebrew], which was published in 1990 by Sifriyat Poalim, Yediot Achronot and Sifrei Hemed.

Photo is courtesy of Haifa designer Hayin Shtayer (who made this extraordinary design).

Copyright © Hayim Shtayer 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Festivals 1951 Postal Stamp

Star of David Festivals 1951 Postal Stamp

Star of David between two carrier pigeons with letters in their beaks. Issued on 16/09/1951

Eliphas Levy and the Unity of the Opposites

Eliphas Levy Solomon’s seal

Eliphas Levy drew this impressive Solomon’s seal and published it in his book Transcendental Magic in 1896. It was meant to illustrate his concept of the Unity of the Opposites: light and dark, mind and matter, good and evil… Legend has it that Jewish King Solomon controlled demons with his seal- no wonder that mystics like Eliphas Levy, who wished to control demons, used this emblem.

Dr. Israel Shahak And The Jesuits in Vienna

Famous Jewish Anti-Zionist Dr. Israel Shahak (1933 - 2001) wrote an “original” article titled Where Does the Star of David Come from? It’s a pity he didn’t specify his resources, but I suspect he fabricated them, as well as other original “facts”, in order to win his cases. Dr. Israel Shahak claiimed that  the Catholic Order of the Jesuits selected the Star of David as a Jewish symbol in the year 1648 after Prague was rescued from the Swedish army. German Emperor Ferdinand III decided to give honor flags and other decorations to all the defenders, included the Jewsish unit, but no one in Vienna knew what kind of symbol to put on the flag, until the scholarly Jesuits in Vienna suggested that King David must have had a shield in the shape of the six-pointed star.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Star of David Rainbow Flag

Rainbow-Flag-hexagram-logoPhoto of Star of David on the Rainbow flag is courtesy of Daniel Greene from Flickr who shot it during Rainbows Festival in Heritage Park, Phoenix, Arizona. The Star of David is not part of the official Rainbow flag, which has no emblem in its center. The Rainbow Flag was created in 1978 for San Francisco's Gay Freedom Celebration by local artist, Gilbert Baker.

Israeli Prevent Fire Campaign

Magen David Yarok logo

Green Star of David on a postal envelope from the sixties, part of “prevent field fires” campaign. The fox represents Samson’s foxes, which burnt the fields of the Philistines. Nowadays Magen David Yarok stands for a College of Para-Veterinary Studies.

Paul Laffoley

Visionary artist scientist, architect , writer, and theoreticians Paul Laffoley was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1940. He formed the Boston Visionary Cell, Inc., in 1971. Some of his his works show most original hexagrams.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Anti-Semitism: Replacing Stars in Flags

In the web page of Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and racism at Tel Aviv University there's a paragraph about ANSWER  anti-war rallies. 
Ob one of these with approximately 200,000 people, held on 20 April 2002 in Washington DC, Called the “National March for Palestine against War and Racism there were the Israeli flag with a swastika replacing the Star of David and a US flag with a Star of David replacing the 50 stars and the message, “Free America".

Copenhagen, Artistic Protest

Artistic-Protest-hexagramPhoto is courtesy of Ramon Arellano from Flickr who wrote in the caption:
An artistic protest against the world's self declared police. Notice the rocket shaped pedestal, the rocket crown, the chains, the crucifix, the swastika, the David star, etc. I don't know where did Ramon Arellano get this information... For me the appearance of Swastika and Star of David together is enough to bring this photo to your attention...

Estonia, Holocaust Memorial

Photo is courtesy of "Larsz" from Flickr who wrote in the caption:

In the woods, between Paldiski and Tallinn, we came across a holocaust memorial. A menorah is engraved on the other half of this stone.

Anti-Semitism :The Devil And The Star

From the web page of Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and racism at Tel Aviv University, overview:

Antisemitic caricatures have appeared repeatedly in Brazil. On 14 April 2002, Correio Brazilliense published a caricature showing the devil sitting at a table with a flag bearing the Star of David behind him.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swastika Inside Star of David Graffiti

Swastika Inside Star of David Graffiti
Photo is courtesy of "917press" from Flickr.

An article published on Wildolive website titled Anti-Semitism Today claims that the swastika inside the Star of David is a recurring motif in left wing demonstrations against Israel.

Swastika inside the Star appears also in Arabic newspapers and caricatures

Star of David added to the Third Reich flag
Al-Yawm (Saudi Arabia), November 30, 2005

12th Film Festival Poster

Star Of David made from Laser beams

Photo of Star Of David made from Laser beams on the 12th Film Festival poster is courtesy of pictorial history collector Stephanie Comfort who published it on Flickr.

Mount Herzl Memorial

Star of David memorial at Mount Herzl

Star of David engraved in the stone of a memorial at Mount Herzl. Translation of the Hebrew word: We shall remember.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Memorial To Jewish Soldiers Who Fought In The Polish Army

Star of David Yellow Badge Memorial

Menorah and a yellow Star of David (to remind us of the Yellow Badge) on the Mount Herzl Memorial in Jerusalem - dedicated to Jewish soldiers who fell in action in World War II in the ranks of the Polish Armies.

Policemen Memorial, Herzl Mount

logo is made from a Star of David Herzl

Yeheskel Sahar, first Israeli Police Inspector General, who was an amateur painter, designed the logo of the Israeli Police, which is seen here on the stone that marks the burial site of policemen in Herzl Mount. The logo is made from a Star of David surrounding the Hebrew letter Mem, which is the first letter in the Hebrew word for "police". It is surrounded by olive leaves, which symbolize peace.

My English book about the Star of David

my English book about the Star of DavidIn the opening page of my English book about the Star of David, which I’m going to publish soon, I arranged the copyright notification in the shape of a Star of David, just like E.M. Lilien did in Songs from the Ghetto in 1902. It is homage to E.M. Lilien, the first Zionist painter, whom I adore and cherish, as well as a visual message to the reader about what he’s going to experience in the next pages. In addition, it makes the most boring part of the book into something, which is worth contemplating…

Friday, February 08, 2008

110 Years Since the First Zionist Congress

Star of David World Zionist Organization Herzl, Zionism, Jerusalem logo

Star of David (the emblem of the World Zionist Organization) on a Hebrew sign above the entrance to Herzl Mount notifying the public about the events to commemorate 110 years since the first Zionist Congress.

World Zionist Organization Emblem

Menorah surrounded by a Magen David Herzl, Jerusalem

Menorah surrounded by a Magen David in the emblem of the World Zionist Organization, as it appears above the entrance to Herzl Mount. Menorah is one of the emblems that most frequently accompany the Magen David.

Stamp from the Period of Napoleon 3rd

Gideon from the Israeli collector’s forum “collect” referred me to this rare stamp from the Period of Napoleon 3rd and wrote to me that the cancel is made from dots formed in the shape of a hexagram, and that the postal stamp was issued on1869 . It was used in the French colonies.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tonga Round Postal Stamp

Tonga Round Postal Stamp hexagram logo

Thanks to Gideon from the Israeli Stamp collector’s Forum “collect” for referring me to this stamp, which is the first round stamp I've ever seen. Gideon taught me that there are even stamps that are not made from paper.

The three six pointed stars above the central star symbolize the three main islands - Tongatapu,Vava'u and Ha'apai.