Thursday, February 28, 2008

Intersecting Triangles

Here are some excerpts about the meaning of the Star of David from the website of the royalarch [org au:
Mackey says that of all talismans, he knew of none, except perhaps the cross, which was so generally prevalent among the ancients as the Seal of Solomon or David's Shield. He considered the Interlaced Triangles as the greatest Oriental Talisman. Later it was adopted by Christians as an emblem of their faith, but with varying interpretations the two triangles were said to be symbols …of prayer and remission, sometimes of creation and redemption, of life and death, or of resurrection and judgment; and finally of the two natures of our Lord - divine and human… To a Rosicrucian ... Their book of Ancient symbolism, "Behold the Sign" says that all through nature the law of duality exists and when opposing polarities are linked a creation results. In March, 1853, an article entitled "ancient Masons Marks", in the Freemasons' Quarterly Magazine (London) claimed that … the symbol was known to Christians as a figure of the ineffable name of Jehovah, within which were often met the I.H.S. of the Greek Church…

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Lucian said...

Intersecting Triangles

LOL :-) At first I thought it said "Interesting Triangles". :-) Silly me! :p