Saturday, April 07, 2007


There are many writers on the WWW who claim that the Star of David is the star of Moloch, the idol mentioned in the Bible. E.g. Jim Searcy claims that
Moloch, Chiun and Remphan are all names for the star god, Saturn, whose symbol is a six-pointed star formed by two triangles. Saturn was the supreme god of the Chaldeans. The hexagram was brought to the Jewish people by Solomon when he turned to witchcraft and idolatry after his marriage to Pharaoh's daughter in 922B.C.

As far as I know there is no archaeological proof for these claims. In fact In Hebrew the six-pointed star is called Magen David which means: Shield of David. Judaism does not make any connection between the Israeli national emblem and stars. Star of David is the name of the hexagram in Non-Jewish cultures.
It seems to me that Non-Jews connect this shape to star worship (condemned in the Bible) only because they know it by its Non-Jewish name.

White on White

White Glass Star of David in Maayan Feigin's Trio Vetro workshop. Phone: 972-52-232-99-33. It all began with an idea to illustrate the six-pointed star with the verse in Psalms 18:3 where King David prays to the Lord, using the word "shield" thus creating as a by- product the coin "Shield of David".

Maayan Feigin Glass Star of David in Mould

Color Glass Stars of David in mould in Tel Aviv, Israel, Trio Vetro workshop. Phone: 972-52-232-99-33. Made by Maayan Feigin according to my instructions. 
Each Glass Star is unique, hand made, 12 cm long, 2 cm thick. A few Stars bear the Hebrew words from Psalms 18:3: "The Lord is my rock... my Shield, my salvation"...