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There are many writers on the WWW who claim that the Star of David is the star of Moloch, the idol mentioned in the Bible. E.g. Jim Searcy claims that
Moloch, Chiun and Remphan are all names for the star god, Saturn, whose symbol is a six-pointed star formed by two triangles. Saturn was the supreme god of the Chaldeans. The hexagram was brought to the Jewish people by Solomon when he turned to witchcraft and idolatry after his marriage to Pharaoh's daughter in 922B.C.

As far as I know there is no archaeological proof for these claims. In fact In Hebrew the six-pointed star is called Magen David which means: Shield of David. Judaism does not make any connection between the Israeli national emblem and stars. Star of David is the name of the hexagram in Non-Jewish cultures.
It seems to me that Non-Jews connect this shape to star worship (condemned in the Bible) only because they know it by its Non-Jewish name.

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Lucian said...

I don't mean to proselytize You, or anything, but, er, ... have You ever considered becoming an honorary Orthodox Christian? Seriously, now! ... I mean, we put up with this SORT OF crap on a _daily_ basis coming from Protestants (I jest You not!)

God is compared with the SUN, the East, the Light, and the consuming Fire in, like, 10.000 places in Scripture, ... but when we do that, ... we're pagans! (Constantine, Sun-worship, and all that...)

The Garden of Eden was placed in the East, and in that direction did fallen humanity, starting with Adam, and continuing along the line of Seth & Enos, call upon the Name of the Lord; the Meeting-Tent and the Two Temples were directed in that direction ... but when we build our Churches with the Altars facing the rising Sun ... we're pagans! (Constantine, Sun-worship, and all that...)

The Jews, in the time of Christ, kept their Passover on the full-moon after the Spring Equinox ... but when we celebrate the Easters on the Sunday after that (John 19:31), ... guess what? ... Yep! Unbelieveble, but You've managed to read my mind: we're pagans!. (Constantine, Sun-worship, and all that...)

God created the light on the 1st day, ... any possible 'paganization' and corruption of the Holy Writ there? (I mean, ... the pagans did call the 1st day Sun-day, ... didn't they?) [after all: Constantine, Sun-worship, and all that...]

The Ark had two golden Cherubim on top; the Courtain that separated the Holy from the Holy of Holies was also weaved with golden Cherubim; Solomon (possibly out of pagan influence?) build two huge golden Cherubim, under who's protective wings the Ark was placed ... but when we make icons ... (yes, ... I can see You're becoming a real psychic) : we're pagans! (Constantine, idol-worship, and all that...)

The dead bones of Elijah's disciple raised the dead man, and the body of St. Stephen was buried with tears by the mourning Christians ... but when we honour the relics of Saints ... yep, we're pagans! (Egyptians, ancestor-worship, and all that...)

Oh, yeah, ... and least I forget: there is, of course, NO similarity, whatsoever, between the 3+1+3 branched Menorah and the 3+1+3 pointed Star of, er, Moloch. (Likewise, no connection whatsoever between the Seven Menorah-lights and the Seven Planets [Luminaries] known by all the Ancients ... except the Jews, of course, who lived in Ghettos from "day one"... uh, boy!)

... and anyone who would even dare of dreaming making a comparisson between the Seventh from Adam, the wise Enoch, being a counterpart of the Shapta-Rishis, is not feeling too well, obviously ...

Yep, ... gonna LOVE these white, Christian boys, ... really now! :D

And the defense rests its case, You Honour.