Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jewish Identity

 Jodi Werner wrote  about the original private meaning she relates to the Star of David:

·      The open space at the center represents the answers I have yet to find — the cultural, personal and religious identity I am still forging.

·        The balanced and opposing triangles symbolize my struggle between personal reflection and public promotion.


She got a Star of David necklace from her boyfriend and started wearing it every day. This simple act brought to her knowledge various reactions she didn't expect:


It has also led people to make incorrect assumptions about me — that I am an Orthodox or traditionally observant Jew, that I am a staunch supporter of Israeli military actions or that I keep strictly kosher.


"Wearing a Star of David has also helped me to work on caring less about what other people think of me and not needing external approval as regularly. I do not wish to hide or deny my religious identity, but symbolically wearing it daily on my chest signals me loudly as "other" and potentially as a target for hatred".



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