Sunday, February 11, 2007


This cactus Hexagram  is growing in the Botanic Gardens, St. Andrews, Scotland but SecretAgent99 wrote to me that she's actually not sure what this type of cactus is actually called. 
I believe that importing this cactus to Israel might be a prosperous enterprise, because many people would welcome it in their gardens, just to show their neighbors how patriotic they are...
Picture is courtesy of "SecretAgent99" who published it on Flickr

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Max Nathans said...

those cacti belong to the cereus family and are grown in israel in lots of gardens, You can only see the 'star of david' form , if the lines of thorns going from point to an opposite point are in a straight line, often that is not the case.
Some of those long cacti(they can grow meters high, have 5 or 7 ribs.
Also if you can not look from above, you will not see a star of David