Thursday, June 18, 2009

Door Knocker

Fatima Hand Chamsa with Six-pointed Stars
Shot at
Kefalonia Island, Greece
Picture is courtesy of "Tony Tea" from Flickr
I Think that this combination of Chamsa and Six-pointed Stars
is meant to act double efficiently against Evil Eye
The design of this door knocker has a commercial potential


Chana said...

I like this! said...

you are publishing stars that are from Islam and India that have nothing to do with the Star of David, so please also publsih stars relating to occultism. I do find the Star an interesting symbol, and it has much interesting symbolism to do with Satan.

oh, also, please publish the following if you can find it "The earliest archaeological magen David national symbol is on a Babylonian bas relief carving, in the 6th century BCE[citation needed]. The Babylonian king historically recorded his conquest of the King and population of Judah. Both kings are shown standing facing each other. The King of Babylon stands on the right. A winged sun disk is above the King of Babylon. The encircled six-legged star pattern magen David is above the King of Judah."