Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eric Vanounou, Post-Jew-Complex

Eric Vanounou, Post-Jew-Complex Yellow Badge art israeliA work from the series Post-Jew-Complex. While the Yellow Badge is a yellow Star of David, two interlaced triangles, we see here a variation: two interlaced yellow squares. I thought it might help to the understanding of this work if we’ll read an excerpt from a poem written by Eric Vanounou (my translation)

You shouldn’t paint what you see
What you see is a lie
I keep reminding myself
Drive away nature!
Drive away nature!
I pile up layers on layers
Brighten distance blacken closeness
Color from the tube, glue, and shellac
Fasten my grip on the new horizons
That were un-recognizably blurred
Yellow ocher mixed in a desert-space
Photo is courtesy of Eric Vanounou
Copyrights: Eric Vanounou

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