Monday, March 26, 2007

A Time for Peace

Picture of this super-original clock is courtesy of Jennie Gottschalk who designed it and published it on Flickr.
Jennie Gottschalk wrote in the caption:
Here is another "Star of David" graphic, inspired by Ze'ev. He's the "ideas man". All I have to do is create the graphic.

There are two six-pointed stars here, gold on top of silver , with a slight twist which creates an interesting framing for the letters. The letters are instead of numbers, the way Orthodox Jews design their clocks. I hope some entrepreneur will notice this design and buy from nzdzeni the rights to produce it in REAL silver and gold.


Lucian said...

Cool. That's really pretty.

pathySR said...

Yes... like "Birds of Peace"

zeevveez said...

I was sure this design is the first of its kind but unfortunately I stumbled upon another one from the beginning of the previous century